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Here is a list of 50 blogs by journalists. The list ignores blogs on other interest areas written by journalists, instead selecting those that are about journalism or the industry in some way.

There are blogging reporters who share their tips and experiences of mobile journalism, blogging journalism educators, and blogging photojournalists.

We have only included independent blogs as opposed to those hosted on news sites, or other sites, and only those with a single author.

They are loosely grouped by type and the order is not intended to be read as a sliding scale. It is also not a definitive list. We invited people to nominate blogs via Twitter and received a good number of responses, many of which we have included here. If we have missed your blog or a favourite blog that is written by a journalist and of interest to fellow journalists, please add it to the list by way of a comment below.
  • General
1. One Man and His Blog

Adam Tinworth covers journalism and technology events, plus shares tips and advice on useful tools for journalists and reflections on the industry.

Tinworth has been blogging for more than 10 years and covers many conferences by liveblogging, not giving minute-by-minute updates but publishing a chronology of a talk, usually before the speaker has left the podium.

2. Steve Buttry

Steve Buttry is digital transformation editor at Digital First Media in the US. His blog has fantastic tips and observations on the industry. As Rhys Griffiths said when nominating the blog, he finds it "ever-informative".

3., by Martin Belam

Okay, so Martin Belam is not strictly a journalist by trade, but his frequent posts gather much interest from journalists and those in the industry. He is former UX lead at the Guardian and now runs his own digital agency.

4. David Higgerson

David Higgerson uses his blog to share tips on online journalism and interesting tweets he comes across, plus there is a wealth of information on FoI. Higgerson, who is digital publishing director, responsible for the regional websites within Trinity Mirror, has recently started reviewing books written by journalists.

5. Headlines and Deadlines, by Alison Gow

Alison Gow is editor at the Daily Post in North Wales. She shares bookmarks to interesting posts she has read, plus adds her own comments.

6. Claire Miller

Data journalist Claire Miller is behind Wales Online's data store. Her data-related blog is a must-follow for anyone interested in that area of journalism. For example, this post on 'a great big list of FoI ideas' is a fantastic resource for local reporters.

7. Cory Bergman

Cory Bergman is behind Breaking News (now owned by NBC), founder of social TV site Lost Remote and co-founder of Seattle blog network Next Door Media. His blog is well worth following.

8. Kristine Lowe

Kristine Lowe is a Norway-based journalist and industry expert. Her blog includes topics such as 'how to make the newsroom embrace data journalism'.

9. Mary Hamilton

Mary Hamilton / @newsmary is deputy SEO editor at the Guardian. Her blog is a must-follow.

10. DataMiner UK, by Nicola Hughes

Data journalist Nicola Hughes was sponsored by Knight-Mozilla to spend the past year "embedded" in the Guardian's newsroom. As well as a number of degrees in the fields of physics, zoology, anthropology and journalism, she has taught herself to code.

11. Jon Slattery

Jon Slattery writes a well-known blog on topics mainly relating to newspapers.

12. A web editor's tale, by Richard Kendall

Richard Kendall is web editor at the Peterborough Telegraph and shares tips on using social media and other subjects related to online journalism.

13. Meeja Law, by Judith Townend

Judith Townend is a freelance journalist and researcher (and formerly a reporter). She blogs about media law and ethics.

14. Heather Brooke

Heather Brooke is the investigative journalist whose campaign led to the exposure of MPs expenses.


Jack Lail, director of digital for the Knoxville News Sentinel, blogs and shares links. This recent collection of posts on commenting - headlined 'are comments just so 2009?' – caught our eye.

16. Journalistopia, by Danny Sanchez

Danny Sanchez, who is "multimedia maven at the South Florida Sun Sentinel", writes a great blog. Here's one such post: 'How one journalist learned to code: tips for the unafraid'.

17. Meg Pickard

Until recently Meg Pickard was head of digital engagement at the Guardian. She's now striking out on her own and although her blog has been quieter since going on maternity leave last year, it is worth keeping an eye on.

18. Joanna Geary

Joanna Geary is the Guardian's social and communities editor and organiser of Hacks/Hackers London. She is an infrequent rather than regular blogger but worth subscribing to a feed so you can see when she does post.

19. George Hopkin

George Hopkin uses his blog to share interesting links. He's great at spotting interesting journalism-related posts.

20. Sarah Hartley

Sarah Hartley is managing director of Talk About Local and one of the people behind the Guardian's n0tice platform. Her blog is worth a follow and was nominated by David Lepeska.

21. Deborah Petersen

Deborah Petersen blogs about social media. She highlights tools and comments in developments in social media platforms from a journalist's perspective. Her blog was nominated by Rhys Griffiths.

22. Subs' Standards, by Fiona Cullinan

Fiona Cullinan's blog gives "tales from the sub-editors desk and crossing the digital divide". Take a look.

23. Zombie Journalism, by Mandy Jenkins

Many Jenkins is interactives editor at Digital First Media in the US and shares her tips on social media and more.


Ed Walker is digital development editor at Trinity Mirror Regionals. He blogs about online and local journalism.

25. Paul Cockburn

Paul Cockburn is an Edinburgh-based freelance journalist. He let us know about his blog – and we are glad he did as there are some really useful posts, such as 'article ideas'.

26. A blagger's guide to getting into journalism, by Rhian Jones

Rhian Jones has created the 'blagger's guide to getting into journalism'. There are writing tips, pitching tips and general advice. It was nominated for this list by Amanda Leek.

27. The Joy of Unemployment: The journey of a freelance writer, by Anneke Steenkamp

Steenkamp's blog includes useful tips such as 'how to keep working when you don't have any work'.

28. Paul Conley

Paul Conley describes his blog as one "for those who toil in the most specialised, and perhaps the least glamorous, area in the press – trade journalism".  It's well worth a read.

29. Rhys Griffiths

Rhys Griffiths is regional digital publisher for Local World in the south east and blogs about observations. Here's a blog post from last March (Griffiths does not blog as regularly as some others) which asks 'is Facebook Subscribe a social opportunity journalists are failing to grasp?'
  • Mobile reporting
30. Mobile Journalism, by Nick Garnett

BBC Radio 5 Live north of England correspondent Nick Garnett has been pushing the boundaries of mobile journalism for several years. His blog includes tips on kit and records his successes in iPhone reporting, such as livestreaming video to the BBC News Channel.

31. VJ Technology, by Glen Mulcahy

Glen Mulcahy from Irish broadcaster RTE is the man behind journalists being given iPhone reporting kit bags. His blog has great tips on technology and techniques for mobile journalists.

32. iPhone Reporting, by Neal Augenstein

Neal Augenstein is a US radio journalist who favours his iPad and iPhone to other recording kit. His Tumblr blog is one for anyone who is interested in mobile reporting.
  • Journalism academics / educators
33. Teaching Online Journalism, by Mindy McAdams

Mindy McAdams teaches online journalism in the US. He blog is an excellent resource for all journalists, whether students or reporters with years of experience. She shares pointers such as 'teaching programming to journalists'.

34. Online Journalism Blog, by Paul Bradshaw

Paul Bradshaw, head of online journalism at Birmingham City University, set up his Online Journalism Blog where he blogs almost daily and occasionally includes guest posts.

35., by Alfred Hermida

Alfred Hermida blogs about "media, technology and society". He is associate professor at the Graduate School of Journalism at the University of British Columbia.

36. PressThink, by Jay Rosen

Jay Rosen is a press critic and professor of journalism at New York University. His blog states that he aims to push at preventing the press from being "absorbed into the media". Rosen's blog was nominated by Anjali Mullany.

37. BuzzMachine, by Jeff Jarvis

Jeff Jarvis no doubt needs little introduction. He's a media commentator, author and associate professor and director of the Tow-Knight Center for Entrepreneurial Journalism at the City University of New York.

38. George Brock

George Brock is head of journalism at City University, London. He uses his blog to comment on the industry. It was suggested by Rosie Scammell.

39. Richard Sambrook

Richard Sambrook is professor or journalism at Cardiff University. He shares lots of useful links.


Andy Dickinson teaches digital and online journalism at the University of Central Lancashire. He blogs about social media, online and video journalism.

41. Media Nation, by Dan Kennedy

Dan Kennedy is assistant professor at Northeastern University’s School of Journalism, specialising in "new media trends". He blogs on Media Nation.

42. Alan Geere Online

Alan Geere is a journalism tutor at Victoria University in Kampala, Uganda. He reflects on journalism and provides a glimpse of life in Uganda.

43. The Editor's Desk, by Andy Bechtel

This blog is a "place for discussion of writing and editing, with an emphasis on US newspapers and news websites", an explainer on the site states. It is written by Andy Bechtel, who is a professor of journalism at the University of North Carolina School of Journalism and Mass Communication.
  • Design
44. Marc Thomas

Marc Thomas is a magazine publisher, interested in "brilliant design" and "innovation in branding" in addition to "great journalism". His blog (with the domain highlights all of the above. It was nominated for the list by Tom Rouse – and looks like a must-follow for magazine journalists.

45. National Infographic, by Juan Velasco

This is another blog that has been brought to our attention by the crowdsourcing exercise – by Juan Velasco, art director of National Geographic magazine, who is behind the blog.

He uses his blog to "share a bit of the process, challenges and hopefully successes of creating art, maps and graphics for a broad, international audience".

This is a must-follow for any journalists interested in using graphics to tell stories – and one we will be following from now on.

46. #realtalk from your editor, by Ann Friedman

LA-based Ann Friedman is the editor behind #realtalk. She uses her Tumblr blog to share ideas by GIF and links to interesting articles elsewhere. The blog was nominated for this list by Marc Thomas.
  • Photojournalists
47. Football Photographer Blog, by Matthew Ashton

Matthew Ashton runs a UK-based sports photographic agency called AMA Sports Photo Agency. His blog has a post on how he got started in sports photography and details on the technology he uses to file the pictures.

48. Leon Neal

This is a photo blog by Leon Neal, a press photographer for AFP. It's been nominated by John D McHugh.

49. Media Attention, by Paul Martin

Media Attention is a blog by a cameraman provides a glimpse "behind the scenes of filming the TV News".

50. Video Journalism, by Cyndy Green

Cyndy Green is a freelance video journalist with a background in TV news. She blogs about visual storytelling.

Update: We have corrected Rhys Griffiths's job title to regional digital publisher for Local World in the south east. We have also corrected Ann Friedman's name. We originally named her as Anna.

Update: Want a to follow all these blogs by RSS? Stephen Sidlo has helpfully created a bundled feed, which is here.

Have we missed a must-follow blog by a journalist, for journalists? Let us know in the comments below.

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