What is it? Nuzzel is a news aggregator app, providing personalised news from what has been shared from the world of social media.

Price: Free

Devices: iOS and Android

How is it of use to journalists?

Nuzzel acts as an extension to your social media accounts, monitoring what your followers have been sharing and presenting it in a clear and uncluttered feed.

Simply sign in with either your Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter account, and Nuzzel will automatically create a digest of the most shared stories by your friends and people you follow on the platform.

Nuzzel also features a ‘Discover’ section, which displays feeds of other users and topics you may not otherwise come across.

Keep sliding left to find different sections for video content, articles shared by friends of friends, and a ‘Best of Nuzzel’, to offer you trending articles outside of your filter bubble.

Want to save a story you have discovered? You can also link Nuzzel to services like Buffer, Pocket and Instapaper.

To do this, click the icon at the top left of the screen, go to settings and you will find the option to sign in to your other accounts through the app. Settings also allows you to create email and mobile notifications to receive a daily digest and be alerted when an article is shared by a certain number of friends.

Looking to narrow your search? If you tap the top right corner of the homescreen, you will find a timeline where you can select a specific timeframe to show stories shared anywhere between the last hour to the last week.

This can be handy if you have been away from social media for some time and want to catch up.

All feeds are automatically public, meaning you can add any feed to your favourites. This way you can keep track of what your circle of friends are sharing.

Access the Friends’ Feeds or Featured Feeds from the top left icon, then Add to Favourites on the drop-down menu of their profile. You can select whether you want to receive email newsletters from them or receive mobile news alerts from their feed.

The final interesting feature on Nuzzel is the ability to create personalised newsletters. These can be filled with stories shared by friends, articles you have recently read or shared, and pieces added by you.

Doing this is as simple as hitting the ‘Curate’ button on the Newsletters section of the app.

Once you select this, you then have the option to customise a daily message, set the timing for publishing and opt between populating the newsletter manually or automatically.

Last but not least, you can also invite contacts to subscribe to your newsletter and track your statistics to help you build an audience.

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