What is it? Pocket is an application suited for news-hungry journalists, which allows you to create a reading list on-the-go and come back to later on.

Cost: ‘Freemium’ - free, with premium options.

Devices: iOS, Android

How is it of use to journalists?

Journalists can use Pocket to recreate a reading list but also to find out what other people in their social circle are reading, discover new content, and access written news in audio format.

So, how do you get started?

After downloading the app, you should first enable Pocket to be used in your phone’s internet browser as a quick activity. It can also be used in a web version.

Then, you have the option to upload any webpage from your phone straight into the Pocket app. So if you have found a good article but do not have time to read it, just put it in your pocket.

Next time you boot up Pocket, you will find your article in your ‘list’.

Tapping the headline will open the article inside the app, but you also have the option to open it up in your browser if you prefer.

You can also tap the small ‘headphones’ icon which will open and play the article in an audio format.

Pocket list (left), text article (centre) and audio article (right)

There is an 'options' menu which allow you to send and share the article with friends over email and social media. You can also adjust text and lighting options here.

Pocket also allows you to highlight stand-out passages and phrases by holding and dragging over text. From the options menu, you can view all of your highlights together. It is excellent for note-taking, and you can share these individually as well.

Highlighting in Pocket

What else separates Pocket from your run-of-the-mill reading list app? You can connect with people in your social circle by linking Pocket to a Twitter account.

This will find any Pocket users who you also follow on Twitter and give you the option to follow them. Pocket will also recommend you other people to follow based on your interests.

Pocket recommendations (left), connecting my Twitter to find followers (centre and right)

Your 'discover' section will then be populated with a mixture of posts from your followers' recommended posts and a selection of Pocket best picks.

Upload a bio to your profile so people know who you are. Hit 'recommend' to allow your Pocket articles to appear in public news feeds - rest assured, everything else in your reading list is always private until you do this.

By the way, if you link a Twitter account, you also have the option to tweet out anything you share on Pocket at the same time.

Premium options give you an ad-free experience, with more customisation, unlimited highlights and more for £3.99 a month or £34.99 a year.

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