Financial and business news provider Bloomberg launched a series of specialised newsletters to the public today offering data, news, and commentary.

The newsletters, called Bloomberg Briefs, which will cost non-Bloomberg users $2,000 a year according to its subscription pages, have already been tested with Bloomberg customers, according to a company release.

Both daily and weekly titles are available, covering economics (daily) and hedge funds, mergers and structured notes (weekly).

"The launch of the Bloomberg Brief newsletters is a natural step for us, as we continue to expand into more and more markets," Brian Rooney, core product manager for news, research, message and mobile applications for the Bloomberg Professional service says in the release.

"We see a huge need for exclusive, high-value content tailored for specific business segments, and we look forward to producing a growing collection of newsletters across an array of industries and markets."

According to a report by the Financial Times, the newsletters have already collected 35,000 subscribers and more are planned in the near future on other topics.

"The Bloomberg Brief newsletters will be sent digitally, as PDF files to be read on a computer screen or tablet computer, or text files accessible from a BlackBerry or other smartphone," the FT report adds.

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