This article is produced in partnership with Trisolute.

News organisations across Europe have been using the Trisolute News Dashboard software to discover the topics, themes and stories that work best for their publication, by allowing them to monitor their performance near real-time in Google News and the Google News Boxes.

Kit Nicols, SEO and social manager at The Telegraph, explained that the software has enabled her team to keep abreast of where the publication ranks amongst competitors in both desktop and the news related elements of mobile Search.

"We needed a way of efficiently tracking how we were doing, as it was taking a lot of manpower to monitor keywords manually," said Nicols.

"By having a dashboard that essentially does it all for us, we now have more time to make recommendations that will improve our rankings online, and get more of our articles into the Google News Boxes."

By tracking the keywords that a publisher inserts into the News Dashboard, publishers can see which Google News Boxes they are ranking in for the topics of the day, and where there is room for improvement.

The software even offers its own keyword suggestions, and includes a 'Missing Topic' feature to highlight important issues that the user hasn't covered on Google News.

Nicols notes that her team at The Telegraph use it daily, monitoring keywords for breaking news stories as well as long-term projects, such as the forthcoming EU referendum.

"We now track a variety of EU referendum related keywords and make sure that we are ranking not just for our main terms, but for secondary and tertiary terms as well," said Nicols.

"The News Dashboard also works great on a day-to-day basis, and if a news story breaks, you can jump in and see how we are doing for a particular story."

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