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Credit: Image courtesy of ITN Productions has today announced that it has relaunched its "video-rich news portal and the UK’s first video news website to utilise responsive design".

The responsive nature means the site adapts and scales to whatever device and screen size it is accessed on.

According to a release, "the new version of the site applies responsive design principles and uses the latest HTML5 web standards to optimise the experience of visitors accessing via desktop, tablet, mobile, e-reader and touchscreen devices." 
The visually-led homepage allows users to click on images to play video.

"Rather than act as a full-service news site, the site is designed primarily as a video portal," the release states.

"The new site places a premium on the live streaming of major events and rolling news, and can be expanded to create special destination pages for specific content relating to a particular launch, event or topic."

Content for the ITN Productions portal is generated by its editorial team, "who package exclusive interviews and celebrity access, ITN news and agency footage, and the best content from across the web for multiple ITN Productions platforms and partners".

ITN Productions portal site

Users currently navigate through five categories - UK, world, Olympics, entertainment and 'and finally' stories - from the home screen (see screen grab above) with the images within the categories labeled with sub categories.

ITN sates new features will "increase utility and dwell time through better navigation and the use of visual cues; a sophisticated comment module for improved user engagement and interaction; the option for visitors to share and like their favourite stories; and a new layout and branding for the site".
It states that the number of advertising opportunities have been "carefully controlled" in order to "maximise the user experience and provide greater cut-through for brands using the limited number of ad slots".

ITN Production's new site was developed in partnership with digital agency Metia.

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