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The media industry is struggling at a time when there is a pressing need to transform businesses. It means that media companies need to think long and hard about where they invest their time and attention, and stave off the very real fear of missing out on the next new shiny product or trend. 

We had to think intentionally about this during the pandemic, when our way of working was turned upside down, business models were disrupted and jobs were on the line. Out of this period of uncertainty however, have emerged good lessons.

Here to discuss those lessons in this week's podcast is digital media expert James Hewes, the president and CEO of FIPP, a global media company which specialises in providing training, events and research for the digital publishing space.

We discuss the legacy of the pandemic on the digital media industry with one eye on the future and explore questions such as: how do I decide which platforms matter? What revenue options have emerged? When should you double-down on audio or video? And what should I do about this cookieless future I keep hearing about?

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