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List-building platform Listly has today introduced integration with Twitter which means additions to a Listly list can automatically update a Twitter list, where the two are linked.

Listly lists are created by users in partnership with the online community, who can suggest new entries, comment on others and vote them up or down the list, based on features enabled or disabled by the list's owner.

The new development means that Listly lists can also now feed Twitter lists, either those already established, or brand new ones.

Users simply choose 'Twitter list' as the type of list in Listly, and then start feeding it with content. This will then automatically – though users are warned it can take up to 10 minutes – link back to a selected Twitter list also owned by the same user, and apply the additions to that list as well.

Users can decide whether or not to accept submissions from others, whether to allow people to dislike entries and whether they wish to moderate additions to the list before they appear on there. The list can also be embedded onto a news outlet's website.

We tested the new feature out by creating a Twitter list to curate the accounts of data journalists, and doing the same on Listly to connect the two. To automatically populate both lists, additions need to be made to Listly, not the other way around.

Listly Twitter list

New entries for moderation show up in a queue, and the list also highlights the 'top helpers' in terms of who is contributing to the list. To do so, people need to sign in and register with Listly.

The new feature is free to try out until 15 January, after which it is only available to those with premium accounts, although basic-level users can turn on premium features for a maximum of three lists to experience what is on offer.

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