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Launched in 2012 by Twitter co-founder Evan Williams, and just recently taken over by Tony Stubblebine, Medium features a uniform, minimalistic design that puts the writing in the spotlight.

It became the blogging platform of choice for many individual journalists. In updating this piece from 2016, it was clear that the news organisations once active on the platform have largely stopped posting. But there are still lots of accounts which still provide news, tips and success stories for journalists and editors anywhere.

The list is by no means exhaustive, but it is a collection of publications well worth bookmarking and which are still posting semi-regularly. However, if we have missed off your publication or your favourite writer, please Tweet us your suggestions at @journalismnews and we will add them to the list.


Center for Cooperative Media: Run by the School of Communication and Media at Montclair State University, this account posts Q&A articles and commentary pieces with journalism thought leaders.

Columbia Journalism: A selection of the best works by students at Columbia Journalism School, with some powerful series throughout the pandemic.

Engagement Journalism: MA students from the Graduate School of Journalism at City University of New York share their experiments in community engagement in this publication edited by the university's director of social journalism Carrie Brown.

Journalism Innovation: The brightest ideas in entrepreneurial journalism from the Craig Newmark Graduate School of Journalism at CUNY.

Tow Center: From the Center for Digital Journalism at Columbia Graduate School of Journalism, a place for best practices in digital journalism from collaborative journalism to online safety.

Whither news?: A collection of posts asking tough questions about journalism by Jeff Jarvis, journalism professor at City University of New York and head of the Tow-Knight Center for Entrepreneurial Journalism.

Journalism organisations

Behind Local News: There is always something kicking off in UK local news. Here, you can stay on top of the big editorial moves, award-winning stories, new policies in newsrooms, tributes to late journalists and the big front page splashes.

Center for Media, Data and Society: The CMDS, part of the CEU Democracy Institute, is an international network of acclaimed scholars, research institutions and activists. This publication posts about information policy and its impact on society and practice.

European Journalism Centre: Follow this account to make sure you do not miss out on the EJC's various grant opportunities and accelerator programmes. These grantees also form the basis of success stories on the page.

Fathm: The news lab produces a spotlight series on media companies doing innovative work in journalism. Follow for updates on Fathm's innovation projects as well.

The Whole Story: Run by the Solutions Journalism Network, this account provides advice and case studies for practicing solutions journalism. Follow this publication to stay on top of grant opportunities, fellowships and mentorships offered by SJN.

Trusting News: Look no further for inspiration on listening strategies to deepen trust and engagement with your audience, along with specific case studies and tips.

Individual writers

Charlie Beckett, founding director, Polis, the London School of Economics and Political Science. Writes about AI and global journalism.

Wolfgang Blau, co-founder, Oxford Climate Journalism Network. Writes about climate journalism and covid-19 reporting.

Jennifer Brandel, CEO, Hearken. Writes about community journalism, audience engagement and participatory journalism.

David Cohn, senior director, Advance Digital Publications Group. Writes about blockchain and AI in journalism.

David Higgerson, chief digital publisher, Reach plc. Writes about ethics and policy in local journalism.

Julia Hotz, communities manager and podcast co-host, Solutions Journalism Network. Writes about training and funding opportunities within solutions journalism.

Francesco Marconi, computational journalist and co-founder of Applied XL. Writes about data science, storytelling and innovation.

Joy Mayer, director, Trusting News. Writes about credibility, trust and audience engagement strategies.

Susan Orlean, staff writer, The New Yorker. Writes about writing tips and productivity.

Simon Owens, independent media journalist; host, The Business of Content podcast. Writes about content creator economy and digital media.

Ritvij Parrikh, director of news products, Times of India; former knight fellow, ICFJ. Writes about product and innovation.

Damian Radcliffe, chamber professor in journalism, University of Oregon; fellow, Tow Centre for Digital Journalism; host, Demystifying Media podcast. Writes about digital publishing, revenue, social media, media policy.

Michael Shapiro, founder and CEO, TAPinto, an independent network of US local news sites. Writes about challenges facing the local news business model.

Linda Shaw, editorial director, renewing democracy manager, education lead, Solutions Journalism Network. Writes about funding opportunities and practicing solutions journalism.

Elizabeth Spiers, digital media consultant; contributing writer, New York Times Opinion; professor at NYU School of Journalism. Writes about journalist abuse, professional writing tips and political commentary.

Gemma Stone, founder, Trans Writes; freelance, The Telegraph. Writes about transgenderism and identity.

Lance Ulanoff, US editor-in-chief, Tech Radar. Writes about big tech and social media.

Lynn Walsh, assistant director, Trusting News; adjunct professor Point Loma Nazarene University. Writes about trust and transparency strategies.

Is your favourite publication not on the list? Let us know what we missed on Twitter at @journalismnews.

This article was updated from a previous version published on 9 November 2016 Catalina Albeanu. This update removed the accounts that were no longer posting regularly and replaced them with publications which have posted within the last year.

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