Credit: Photo by Rob Hampson on Unsplash

Few know mobile journalism quite like Yusuf and Sumaiya Omar, the co-founders of Seen, formerly Hashtag Our Stories, which empowers citiizens to tell their own stories using their phones.

In an interview with IJNet's Devin Windelspecht, the team unpack how to get started with mobile journalism. Yusuf Omar sheds light on the so-called 10,000-hour rule: a theory that suggests becoming an expert requires this length of time:

"We did 200 videos on Facebook before anything remotely went viral. Today, we do 1 billion views a year, we have 5 million subscribers, and that’s been after four years of learning. You have to start publishing: don’t be precious, just get it out there and look at how the audience responds."

To support you in getting started, check out the team's Mobile journalism toolkit which covers everything from basic sound and shooting tips to creating a narrative and going viral.

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