MSN Windows 8 IE10

Microsoft's news portal MSN is set to release a new version of its site, built for the new Windows 8 operating system and Internet Explorer 10.

MSN UK will also be optimised for IE10 and Windows 8, which is due to be launched on 26 October and is a complete ground-up change for the traditional operating system, built with tablets and touch interfaces in mind.

According to a release, the new MSN site reflects this focus, with a visual, picture-based interface designed for touch screens.

MSN is one of the biggest portals on the net and and acts as a gateway to Microsoft's other online services like Hotmail, Skype and Bing.

According to Reuters, Microsoft "is launching its own news operation as part of its new-look MSN website when Windows 8 launches later this month".

The technology giant is making "big, multi-million dollar investment" to make MSN a "decent-sized media operation", Bob Visse, general manager, MSN product management group, told Reuters.

Microsoft's investment follows the sale of its 50 per cent stake in news website to long-time partner NBCUniversal. became after the July split.

The Reuters article states that MSN will mainly aggregate news from other sources, such news agencies, but that it will also create its own content.

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