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The New York Times has launched a channel on IFTTT (If This Then That), a platform that lets you connect different social media and personal accounts.

By connecting the New York Times channel and platforms such as Evernote, LinkedIn, Tumblr, Twitter and Google Calendar, you can now auto-share and auto-save articles published on NYTimes.com and set up SMS and email alerts.

There are six different 'triggers' or actions that the channel can perform. For example one trigger fires every time a new article is published in the section of the New York Times that you specify. This could be linked with your Twitter or Pocket account, for example, so that the article is auto-tweeted or automatically saved so that you can read it later.

There are some suggested 'recipes', including one which saves T Magazine articles to your Pocket account, one which connects to your LinkedIn account and auto-posts business stories, and one which lets you set up an alert so you receive an SMS message any time a particular company is mentioned by the New York Times.

IFTTT recipe NY Times

The news outlet's IFTTT channel is powered by the Times's API and does not require a subscription to the New York Times.

IFTTT has published a post announcing the new channel here and there are suggested recipes here.

IFTTT is a useful tool for journalists and one Journalism.co.uk recommended for newsgathering just last week. Back in 2011 we also suggested 10 IFTTT recipes for journalists.

There are now more than 69 channels on IFTTT, including one for BuzzFeed and one for ESPN.

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