Podcast articleInternational podcast day special: seven great journalism podcasts you need to listen to this weekend


This week we are marking the date by montaging those who cover journalism news and broader topics in audio format with innovation

facebook messenger

'Nothing is more valuable than attention': Why your news organisation needs to embrace the 'golden era' of Facebook and Instagram

Entrepreneur Gary Vaynerchuck urges publishers to capitalise on the 'underpriced attention' that social media offers to enhance their brand


‘Covering the full breadth of the continent was really important to me’: Reuters’ Africa Journal is reporting diverse and vibrant African stories

Mobile-friendly video service Africa Journal is catering for both local and global audiences, says editor Serena Chaudhry

Can AI replace editors in the newsrooms?

Join us at newsrewired on 7 November 2018 in London, UK, and learn about the latest advancements of AI-powered technologies in digital publishing

Posted by Marcela Kunova on 26/09/18

What place does Snapchat have in the newsroom as a tool for breaking news?

A recent fire outbreak in Los Angeles surfaced on Snapchat quicker than Twitter. So how can newsrooms make the most of the ‘camera-first’ platform as a newsgathering tool?

Posted by Jacob Granger on 24/09/18

Podcast article'From the street to the boardroom': How Reuters’ Africa Journal produces ‘mobile-friendly’ stories on Africa

Upon Africa Journal’s launch this week, editor Serena Chaudhry discusses how rapid mobile growth and multiple identities shape soundbite storytelling

Posted by Jacob Granger on 21/09/18

Video articleFacebook, new formats and free technology: Here is your weekly journalism news update

Pushed for time? Catch up with this week's coverage from

Posted by Caroline Scott on 21/09/18

Report: Audiences are ditching Facebook for sharing news, favouring the ‘safe space’ of private messaging apps

Research from the Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism found people more inclined to talk about issues on WhatsApp or Messenger

Posted by Marcela Kunova on 20/09/18

‘Cut out the rubbish and cut to the chase’: Making a news podcast? Here’s how to improve it

Nate Lanxon, Bloomberg tech editor and host of the Tech’s Message podcast, gives his advice for engaging listeners for longer

Posted by Caroline Scott on 20/09/18

'When you're surrounded by something constantly, it stops surprising you': The Washington Post Magazine experiments with storytelling through poems, songs and board games

The US publisher uses various art forms to help its readers rediscover a sense of wonder about the political scene - including a 'fill your own Trump speech' game

Posted by Marcela Kunova on 18/09/18

The Economist and Slate collaborate on The Secret History of the Future to share audiences and expertise

The podcast partnership is part of a wider digital strategy for The Economist to break into the US hotbed, explains deputy editor and head of digital strategy Tom Standage

Posted by Jacob Granger on 18/09/18

Does your news organisation have under 500 employees? If so, you could get your hands on the latest Google cloud technology — for free

The latest Google News Initiative service, Google Cloud, aims to ‘help journalism thrive in the digital age’ by offering G Suite licences to local publishers

Posted by Jacob Granger on 18/09/18

Why your news organisation should get started with Alexa Flash Briefings

The short, on-demand audio clips could help you reach wider audiences on an hourly, daily, or weekly basis

Posted by Caroline Scott on 17/09/18

NYT uses data visualisation to bring climate change home. Literally.

The New York Times joined forces with Climate Impact Lab to create an interactive feature that allows readers to see how much hotter their hometown is today compared to when they were born

Posted by Marcela Kunova on 14/09/18

Podcast articleHow collaborative podcast The Secret History of the Future aims to bring US audiences to The Economist

The Economist’s Tom Standage talks about their ten-part podcast partnership with US-based Slate and working across The Atlantic Ocean

Posted by Jacob Granger on 14/09/18

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