Video article'This is about the death of the newsfeed': Stories may soon become the core of social media

mobile phones share

Sumaiya Omar, co-founder, Hashtag Our Stories, explains why Stories may become one of the core ways news organisations engage with audiences

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Why algorithmic accountability reporting needs to go beyond transparency

'The job is to communicate why this matters and the power dynamics'


How to tackle the challenges of implementing mobile journalism in the newsroom

Journalists at MojoFest discuss training, workflow and the importance of getting your colleagues on side

From social media to in-story experiences, chat bots help the BBC 'do things faster and at scale'

Bots can be an asset to newsrooms, helping to plug coverage gaps and providing context — but does the public want to chat?

Posted by Catalina Albeanu on 30/05/18

BBC mobile journalism pilot scheme sees 15 experienced camera operators shoot with iPhones over three months

The project is designed to see, once and for all, whether a smartphone really is a suitable device for daily newsgathering

Posted by Caroline Scott on 29/05/18

Emily Dugan, BuzzFeed News, joins opening panel at newsrewired on 11 July

Dugan will discuss the staying power of journalism beyond the news cycle

Posted by Catalina Albeanu on 29/05/18

The Daphne Project: 'Even if you stop a messenger, you will not stop the message'

How cross-border collaborations are working to maintain a free press in the face of political pressure

Posted by Crina Boroş on 25/05/18

Survey warns of endemic financial and political pressure across European newsrooms

'I think the public would resent knowing they are being tricked. So best not to always tell them', a media marketing specialist told openDemocracy

Posted by Crina Boroş on 24/05/18

There are no limits to audio storytelling: 10 tips for podcasting beginners

From conducting an interview to finding the right place to record, check out this advice before getting started with your first podcast

Posted by Delainey Garland on 23/05/18

Vox's daily explainer podcast is helping audiences make sense of the overwhelming news landscape

Today Explained is creatively tailor-made for audiences on their commute home

Posted by Caroline Scott on 22/05/18

Announcing new speakers and sessions for newsrewired, 11 July

Social media communities, podcasting, constructive journalism and more will be on the agenda at's next digital media event in London

Posted by Catalina Albeanu on 21/05/18

No filter: The importance of light when you're taking photos with your smartphone

Ryan Pernofski, mobile photographer and graphic designer, explains how he captures detailed images of fast-moving scenes on his iPhone

Posted by Caroline Scott on 21/05/18

NYT uses new interactive design to report on sexual consent on campuses

The publisher uses conversational snippets that develop into a full narrative as audiences continue to read

Posted by Marcela Kunova on 18/05/18

App for journalists: Google Photos, for editing social videos on the go

More than just cloud storage, this free app enables you to edit your phone footage on the go

Posted by Darren Hassennally on 17/05/18

Podcast article'The ability to adapt a tool is more important than the ability to use it': Making open source sustainable

How do creators of software that's free to install keep their business afloat?

Posted by Catalina Albeanu on 16/05/18

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