Building resilient newsrooms: The skills media managers need in 2022


Journalists are our most precious commodity. It is time to give them the support they need, when they need it the most

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Polarisation, first-party data, newsletters, AI and more: Here is the Newsrewired agenda

There have never been more challenges - or more opportunities - for the journalism industry and the people who work in it. A star-studded line-up of 30 media experts awaits you at Newsrewired on 24 May at News UK HQ in London


Podcast articleYusuf Omar, co-founder of Seen, on wearable technology in journalism

Rebranding from Hashtag Our Stories, this media publication is betting that news consumers of the near future will access content through gadgets they wear on their faces - and it has big plans to make it financially sustainable

What will be the lasting legacy of the pandemic on the digital media world?

Covid-19 introduced many fads and mainstays, as well as opportunities for growth and lessons for the future. FIPP CEO James Hewes discusses what will separate the winners from the losers

Posted by Jacob Granger on 18/05/22

Whether readers or brands pay for your content, data is central to the strategy

The Guardian, Reach plc, London Evening Standard and Mediahuis Ireland all have contrasting business models. What they have in common is that data underpins the decision making process

Posted by Jacob Granger on 17/05/22

Podcast articleNadine Ajaka of The Washington Post on the visual forensics team

A pandemic-born team has been getting millions of views for reconstruction videos of major news stories. But how do you wrestle a time-sensitive story against a time-intensive medium?

Posted by Jacob Granger on 13/05/22

Audio, the least stressful medium for news? Yes and no

Podcasts and the like can help navigate tough topics when we are feeling stretched and stressed, but the format is one we also have to wield responsibly

Posted by John Crowley on 12/05/22

Three reasons to attend this month's Newsrewired conference

Still on the fence about whether to book your Newsrewired ticket - or perhaps your manager needs a small nudge to let you leave the office for the day? We round up some of the best reasons to grab your ticket now

Posted by Catherine Edwards on 12/05/22

30 mojo apps from BBC trainer Marc Blank-Settle

Bolster your smartphone arsenal with this list of tools for video effects, subtitles, data vis and much more

Posted by Jacob Granger on 12/05/22

The role of the journalist in a polarised world: Meet your keynote speaker for Newsrewired, 24 May 2022

Syrian journalist, activist and consultant Zaina Erhaim kicks off the talks as our flagship digital journalism conference returns to the physical stage. Grab your tickets today

Posted by Catherine Edwards on 10/05/22

What can be done to create more viable routes into journalism?

80 per cent of the UK press hold university degrees, a one-way route into journalism which is stopping the industry being more representative

Posted by Jacob Granger on 09/05/22

Nine tips for journalists to get started on TikTok

Three avid TikTokers share technical tips to start racking up views on the popular social media platform

Posted by Jacob Granger on 06/05/22

Podcast articleHollie Wong of GAY TIMES, on community building and resilience on social media

The LGBTQ+ publication has carved out 4m social media followers, catering to audiences who have been historically let down by the press. But being online also makes them a target of abuse and trolling

Posted by Jacob Granger on 05/05/22

Behind the scenes of A/B testing: benchmarks and insights from three digital publishers

Got a hunch on how to get more readers to take up subscriptions? Get inspired to test out your hypothesis and interpret the results

Posted by Madeleine White on 04/05/22

Five questions for every newsroom to ask themselves on World Press Freedom Day

World Press Freedom Day is a reminder of why democracy and a free press matter. But conversations about safety, sustainability and sourcing need to be an all-year priority

Posted by Catherine Edwards on 03/05/22

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