Video articleHow to record remote podcast interviews using the 'Simul Rec' technique


Sick of phone call sound quality? This video explainer tells you how to get better audio quality of your guest without being in the same room


Six journalism podcasts to listen to while in lockdown

Need a new distraction or source of inspiration? Here are some best picks from dramatic investigative series to in-depth interview shows

uncensored library

Reporters Without Borders turns to Minecraft to make censored journalism accessible around the world

The press freedom organisation created a virtual library containing censored stories to raise awareness and engage younger users

Podcast articleDoes a digital detox make sense during the covid-19 crisis?

Audiences cannot get enough of it, journalists struggle to keep on top of it: information about coronavirus seems like the only topic that matters right now. Can we really afford to take screen breaks at a time like this?

Posted by Jacob Granger on 27/03/20

Five tips for freelance journalists to cope with coronavirus cancellations

Stressed about income uncertainty and fallen-through projects? Two freelance journalists share advice on adapting to industry disruption

Posted by Daniel Green on 26/03/20

108 hyperlocal UK publishers may go bust without government financial help

The Independent Community News Network calls for emergency funds to support small community newspapers as local businesses hit by anti-covid-19 measures stop advertising

Posted by Marcela Kunova on 26/03/20

US reporters use SMS to reach local audiences with coronavirus coverage

Subtext, a service that allows readers to receive texts directly from local reporters, has seen its subscriber numbers triple in five days as the public seeks relevant covid-19 updates

Posted by Daniel Green on 25/03/20

Decrypt experiments with own cryptocurrency in search for independent revenue stream

The blockchain publication has launched its own token to become less reliant on online advertising. Added bonus: it rewards readers for their attention and builds a loyal community

Posted by Marcela Kunova on 24/03/20

Lessons from Italy: best practices for field reporting during the coronavirus lockdown

An Italian mobile journalist reveals how his experience of covering the Afghanistan War and the Ebola outbreak has shaped his crisis reporting

Posted by Daniel Green on 24/03/20

Argentinian mobile journalism startup uses homemade Instagram filters to reinvent social storytelling has taken a social-first approach to anonymous interviews on domestic violence and reporting around coronavirus

Posted by Jacob Granger on 23/03/20

New BBC explainer feature helps news readers understand complex topics

From the climate emergency to the coronavirus, BBC News' innovation team created a new way to help journalists avoid repeating background information in every article

Posted by Daniel Green on 20/03/20

Why you need to integrate solutions journalism to your covid-19 reporting now

"Through the power of how we frame stories, the news can feed a downward spiral of disengagement and survival self-interest, or it can feed an upward spiral of engagement, compassion, and altruistic action."

Posted by Marcela Kunova on 20/03/20

How to report on the coronavirus pandemic, whatever your beat

Many journalists who have not previously covered health find themselves absorbing new information about scientific methods and medical jargon. Here is how to overcome common hurdles

Posted by Daniel Green on 19/03/20

Turkish fact-checker experiments with offline formats to reach new audiences

By producing videos for public transport, Teyit hopes to capture diverse groups of people lost to online algorithms

Posted by Daniel Green on 18/03/20

Swedish Aftonbladet uses automation to outpace competitors with its covid-19 news coverage

With a growing number of coronavirus cases, the publisher calls on robots to break news first and drive reader engagement with exclusive coverage

Posted by Marcela Kunova on 17/03/20

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