5 in-camera video transitions to make your social content more engaging


Create slick transitions and add a little pizzazz to your work. All you need is your smartphone


City Bureau empowers citizens and bolsters local reporting with new tools

'Documenters' offers reporting training and then pays individuals to put those tools into practice, thanks to the City Scrapers tech platform

18th Jan weekly news update 2

Video articleMobile journalism, solutions journalism and memberships: here is your weekly journalism news update

Pushed for time? Catch up with this week's coverage from

Podcast article'You are what you read': what a crowdfunded book on solutions journalism says about audience's appetite for news

With an £11k backing from supporters, author Jodie Jackson is now set to publish and offers a sneak peak of her findings in this podcast

Posted by Jacob Granger on 18/01/19

Hashtag Our Stories is using Snapchat lenses to turn citizens into more effective storytellers

The mobile journalism network is creating digital tools to help more citizen journalists tell local stories for global audiences

Posted by Caroline Scott on 17/01/19

How the Guardian's supporters helped save the newspaper

From a regional print newspaper to a global multi-platform news organisation, the Guardian has undergone a significant transformation – mostly financed directly by its readers

Posted by Marcela Kunova on 16/01/19

Advice from ABC News: how to get started with satellite journalism

Mark Doman is at the heart of ABC News' satellite journalism. In this Q&A he runs through the essentials to using satellite imagery in investigations

Posted by Jacob Granger on 16/01/19

Earn while you learn: VICE pays US journalism students for pitching mental health stories

The Vice Fellowship For Collegiate Reporting aims to boost mental health coverage by mentoring US college journalists on sensitive issue reporting

Posted by Jacob Granger on 15/01/19

Mobile journalism news series 'Phoning It In' proves the art of storytelling does not require a $40,000 camera

Journalist Mike Castellucci explains how he is able to capture the human spirit in his award-winning show with just a smartphone, tripod and mic

Posted by Caroline Scott on 14/01/19

Podcast articleHow Hashtag Our Stories is helping citizen journalists tell better stories

"Anyone, anywhere around the world will have the framework to create professional quality citizen journalism"

Posted by Caroline Scott on 11/01/19

Video articleArtificial Intelligence, misinformation and timewalls: Here is your weekly journalism news update

Pushed for time? Catch up with this week's coverage from

Posted by Caroline Scott on 11/01/19

The Cube shows viewers how it debunks misinformation while it is spreading online

The social media newsdesk at Euronews aims to respond to falsehoods faster than TV studios to help rebuild trust in the media

Posted by Jacob Granger on 10/01/19

Why US local business news site BoiseDev is ditching paywalls in favour of ‘timewalls’

The publisher launches a new subscription service which gives readers community-orientated articles in advance

Posted by Jacob Granger on 08/01/19

Quartz AI Studio launches an open-source platform to help journalists use machine learning

The US publisher offers reporters with no coding skills a set of free tools to help them write better data-driven stories

Posted by Marcela Kunova on 08/01/19

University of Birmingham receives WhatsApp grant to find out how to reduce the spread of misinformation during elections

The research team will specifically analyse the use of the messaging app in the upcoming Nigerian polls, through in-depth interviews, focus groups and surveys

Posted by Caroline Scott on 08/01/19

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