What is it?

Outriders Network database is a knowledge-sharing platform that features 860+ real-life examples of interactive storytelling and data journalism.

How is it of use to journalists?

The purpose of the database is to promote good interactive storytelling to inspire other journalists, said Alicja Peszkowska, Outriders Network director. You can add your own story to the database, or use the platform for research.

The Outriders Network encourages trainers and journalists who run workshops to create their own ‘playlists’ which they can use to educate others. Some journalists, such as Emma Lacey Bordeaux (CNN), Jacopo Ottaviani (Code for Africa), Eva Constantaras (data trainer, Internews), or Simon Bowers (ICIJ), are amongst the early adopters (you can view their respective lists by clicking their names).

The database allows you to search using phrases or different filters, such as country, type of tool or technique, or topics like racism or crime. Imagine you want to find stories that talk about air pollution and also mention Romania, you can do that.

The team behind the project are fact-checking and reviewing new material as well as adding more tags, to improve the search process over time.

To upload a preview of your own story, simply share a link to it, provide title and the author, and the name of the source if possible. You can provide more information, like suggested tags, but you do not have to. It is about sharing your story, not uploading it in full. Leave your email if you want to be notified about your story being available online.

The Outriders Network will regularly promote new stories via curated playlists and during their 'meetup' events. It also aims to highlight stories from non-English speaking countries that rarely get the attention they deserve.

To follow conversations around knowledge-sharing, join the network's Facebook group or subscribe to their newsletter on the website. Also, check if there are any meetups near you as Outriders is currently on tour.

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