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Best wishes to all our readers, supporters and experts.

Although it has been another challenging year, we have worked hard to bring you timely and interesting stories to help your newsroom navigate the pandemic. We hope you enjoyed our articles and that they have inspired you to reimagine better journalism for 2022.

The team is now having a well-deserved Christmas break and we will be back on 4 January 2022. Until then, here are the 10 most-read stories of 2021.

50 mobile journalists you should follow

Are you looking for inspiration, connections or collaborations in the MoJo community? Check out our list

Five tips to break into sports journalism

Is your career goal to cover match days and interview athletes? Here is how to find your feet in the industry

19 essential newsletters every journalist should read

Want to keep your finger on the pulse of the journalism industry? Look no further than these best picks for inbox roundups

Quartz bets on newsletters to drive reader revenue

The business news website is making changes to its three-year-old subscription programme as it sees three quarters of its readers converting to paying members because of newsletters

How to track down case studies for your next article

Learn the secrets of sourcing compelling human interest stories

Should I let the source read my article before publication?

Most editors would insist that showing the interviewee your draft copy undermines the principles of journalism. But there can be some exceptions to the rule

How to identify new audience growth opportunities

The Daily Star, The Times and Sunday Times, The Economist and The South China Morning Post have all created strategies to discover and attract younger and more diverse readers

Reuters Institute's media trends and predictions for 2021

RISJ's senior research associate Nic Newman talks about new revenue models, the rise of entrepreneurial journalism and the possibilities unlocked by artificial intelligence

Newsrooms need to think more like tech giants

If they want to survive and thrive, news companies must focus on what people really need from them and create products that go beyond journalistic content

How to use TikTok and Instagram to reach younger news audiences

It is perfectly possible to combine short social videos with sea shanties and solid journalism. The key is to understand what is trending on which platform and embrace your creative side

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