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Last week, The New York Times revealed The Financial Times had killed a #MeToo scoop based on seven women's complaints against former Guardian columnist Nick Cohen, who resigned in 2022.

It shows that there is an awful lack of self-scrutiny in the British news industry. We need more accountability, but raising the flag is easier said than done.

For young women journalists especially, it is a daunting prospect to call out sexual abuse and harassment in the workplace. 

In this week's podcast, we hear from two bright young stars of journalism - Shannon McGuigan and Faye Minton, Masters journalism students at Cardiff and Swansea University respectively, and the editors-in-chief of Empoword Journalism, a student publication for and by women and non-binary journalists. 

They tell us how these fresh #MeToo concerns impact young women journalists starting out in their careers, and how to make them feel more safe and secure in the newsroom.

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