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Earlier this month, The New York Times (NYT) revealed The Financial Times had killed a #MeToo scoop based on seven women's complaints against former Observer columnist Nick Cohen, who resigned in 2022.

It shows that there is an awful lack of self-scrutiny in the British news industry. We need more accountability, but raising the flag is easier said than done.

We recently discussed on the show that this is especially the case for young women journalists, who worry about rocking the boat and being seen as troublemakers if they report sexual misconduct.

In this week's episode, we speak to the author of the NYT investigative piece Jane Bradley and her core source, experienced journalist Lucy Siegle. The two discuss why the onus should not be on victims to speak up. Instead, it is newsrooms that must improve policies and commit to culture change. That also means being prepared to call out close friends, peers and allies. 

We will go into specific and practical steps to get newsrooms to hold themselves - and their mates - more accountable.

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