At the end of 2017, Federica Cherubini, head of knowledge sharing at Condé Nast International, wrote a Nieman Lab prediction about the rise of bridge roles in news organisations. She said that in 2018 we will see more roles that work at the intersection of various disciplines, connecting departments and specialisms, and translating mindsets with the goal of improving collaboration.

In this week's podcast, we speak to Robin Kwong, head of digital delivery at the Financial Times, about the importance of these roles, the skills needed, and some of the challenges people in these positions face.

"One of the biggest challenges is having to be comfortable with uncertainty in how we work together, because that's still evolving. And it's not like if you happen to have successfully worked with a particular team in a particular way, that in the next project with a different team you'll be able to do the same thing. You might have to find another way of interacting because the team and the way they work is different."

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