In June, Tom Trewinnard, who leads business development and partnerships at Meedan, and Fergus Bell, journalist and news consultant for Dig Deeper Media, set up Pop-Up Newsroom, a new initiative focused on interdisciplinary, project-based collaborations.

Pop-Up Newsroom came from the idea of taking the type of editorial collaboration that was at the core of Electionland, on which Trewinnard, Bell and other journalists, technologists, students and academics worked back in November, and replicate its "experimental and nimble" nature for other projects.

In this week's podcast, we speak to Trewinnard about Pop-Up Newsroom's debut collaboration, which took place the day of the UK general election using human-centric design approaches, and about the next potential steps for the initiative.

We'll be talking about collaboration at our upcoming newsrewired event on 22 November. Tweet us @journalismnews if there's anything in particular you'd like to know, and make sure to check out this previous podcast episode on collaboration between national and local newsrooms.

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