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The Coalition for Women in Journalism (CFWIJ) is a non-profit organisation that seeks to support women journalists all around the world through mentorships, research and advocacy work.

It was founded by award-winning Pakistani journalist Kiran Nazish who covered conflicts in countries like Iraq. This experience led her to have panic attacks and she found herself in need of support from mentors to cope.

Recent CFWIJ research shows that many women journalists around the world are in a similar situation. In May 2021, the organisation documented 70 cases of violence against women, like physical attacks, detention, and threats associated with online campaigns. At the extreme end, this month also saw the killing of Palestinian journalist Reema Saad and the abduction of Nigerian journalist Amra Ahmed Diska.

In this week's podcast, Nazish turns her focus to what can be done about this issue, as her organisation seeks to create change within policymakers and encourage newsrooms around the world to do more for the journalists who keep their cogs turning.

Correction: This podcast was updated on 23 July 2021 to state that the Myanmar military is taking journalists to unknown prisons, not in Manilla.

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