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The turn of the year is an opportunity to hit the reset button and wipe the slate clean. When it comes to our personal and private objectives, it can feel there is no better time to set ambitious new goals to achieve in the year ahead.

Unfortunately, most people fail early and never manage to get back on the horse. The stresses and strains of the last two years have not helped things either, and many do not feel they have enough bandwidth to start adding more to their plate.

The truth is, there is a reason why we fail our New Year's resolutions. According to Charlotte Armitage, a psychologist and psychotherapist specialising in the film and TV industry, it is because the drive is missing, the goals are not realistic enough, or we are self-sabotaging.

In any of these three cases, a deeper dive into what motivates you to set goals will help you refocus on what truly matters. That in turn will make it much easier to set realistic goals, achieve them, and feel better about yourself.

Whether you plan to refine your working from home routine, find a new job or simply exercise a bit more, in our first podcast of the year, Armitage offers a deep dive into how to keep up your goals this year.

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