Credit: Image by StartupStockPhotos at Pixabay

Behind every great story is a good interview, which means journalists need reliable techniques for capturing the best quotes from their interviewee.

Voice recorders are an effective tool for precise quotes, but transcribing that audio can be time consuming. Good old pen and paper can be a much quicker way of getting your story out before deadline, but trying to take everything down in shorthand can result in aching hands and a messy notebook.

With more than 25 years of journalistic experience, former deputy national editor for the New York Daily News, Tony Rogers offers his top five tips on how to take good notes on ThoughtCo. He recommended being accurate and selective with the information you jot down.

"Remember, you’re not a stenographer. You don’t have to take down absolutely everything a source says," he writes.

"Keep in mind that you’re probably not going to use everything they say in your story. So don’t worry if you miss a few things here and there."

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