Credit: StockSnap from Pixabay

Photojournalism is at the heart of news, whether online or in print. But like all those who report from the frontline, photographers are also at risk when covering the coronavirus outbreak.

To help them do their jobs as safely as possible, Naaman Omar, the founder of photojournalism site APAImages based in Gaza, has put together some safety tips and photography best practices in his recent article published on IJNet.

First of all, he recommends prioritising your own health and well-being. Then, you need to make sure you understand the environment you are going to work in and the people you will be in contact with as this will play a key role in your safety.

"Avoid photographing scenes that show people with difficult health conditions, such as someone in pain or suffering. These shots may cause people to panic, and could make them anxious and fearful," the article reads.

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