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Voice for the voiceless: smartphones are the weapon of choice to tell stories from Syrian civil war

Daniel Green. Sue Llewellyn and Waad Al-Kateab speaking at Mojofest (6 June 2019)

This week, Journalism.co.uk jetted out to Galway in Ireland for the annual MoJoFest conference, the much-anticipated event for mobile journalists everywhere.

One of the panels heard Syrian film-maker Waad Al-Kateab explain how documenting protests in highly-censored Syria was made possible by smartphones and brave citizens. As a result, mobile journalism stories have penetrated into international media and now Al-Kateab's work is about to hit the big screens with the upcoming release of her film For Sama. Read more

The Economist is using interactive data-driven Stories to widen its Instagram community

Screenshots from The Economist Instagram

The Economist is stepping up its efforts to bring data-driven stories to life on Instagram.

This week's (5 June 2019) Story on beer consumption follows other examples which use newly introduced multi-poll options on the quiz stickers feature. It gives older stories a new lease of life through mixing charts and animations. Read More

Tool for journalists: Newsroom Transparency Tracker, for assessing the trustworthiness of news

The Newsroom Transparency Tracker is the latest tool introduced by The Trust Project this week in collaboration with PEN America.

Journalists can use the interactive chart to help determine how trustworthy a news organisation is, based on the openness of their policies and practices, and it can also be a useful resource to find relevant media information.

New speaker joins Newsrewired panel on diversity in the newsroom

We are pleased to announce that a new speaker will be joining Marverine Cole on the panel that will be discussing the best practices to build a diversified and sustainable newsroom.

Robyn Vinter, founder and editor-in-chief at The Overtake, grew up in Leeds and graduated top of her class at Leeds Beckett University almost a decade ago. She is, in her words, “one of those elusive working-class journalists” and does everything she can to support those who come from less well-represented backgrounds. Book your Newsrewired tickets now

Know your rights: what should journalists do when their copyright is infringed?

Photo by NeONBRAND on Unsplash

Almost every journalist, especially freelancers, have been in this situation: you are flicking through your social media feed only to discover that your own content was published on another website without your permission.

Panic can set in, especially for inexperienced reporters, leaving them questioning how to resolve the issue. So what are your rights when it comes to the content you produce? Read more

Online news gradually shifts away from free content and towards pay models

Photo by NeONBRAND on Unsplash

From freemiums to memberships, news organisations have employed a range of pay models to increase their revenue and, as a result, free content models seem to be falling out of favour. That is at least what recent research by The Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism (RISJ) found.

The Pay Models for Online News in the US and Europe: 2019 Update shows that 69 per cent of US and European newspapers use some form of paywall - but that figure has only risen by 5.5 per cent in two years. Read more

Meet the Sista Collective - podcast made by and for Black British women

BBC 5 Live

Black, woman and Liverpudlian - Jessie Aru-Phillips, the creator of the BBC 5 Live podcast, tells us what giving voice to under-represented women means to her. Tune in

Our Newsrewired digital conference takes place on 27 November 2019 at Reuters, Canary Wharf, London - driving diversity in your newsroom is on the agenda, head to newsrewired.com to grab yourself a ticket

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