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Focus on what your customers want, not what you want to sell report Ace8 Media

Ireland's top sales and marketing firm Ace8 media reports on the economies of the world that are littered with the skeletons of industries which decided to sell to customers what they produced, rather than what the customer wanted

Posted on 02/09/14

Avant Garde Ideals receive compliments at leadership seminar in London

Avant Garde Ideals travelled from their Manchester office on August 30th to attend a Leadership Seminar in London where the team received numerous compliments from other attendees

Posted on 02/09/14

Do you love free bets? We certainly do!

We Love Free Bets have a highly experienced team scouring the market for the very best free bets, they are dedicated and love what they do to enable the best deals for you!

Posted on 02/09/14

New range of designer upholstery fabrics introduced

Beaumont Fabrics are now offering a new range of designer fabrics by Christina Marrone, this is the perfect way for their customers to seek the best quality and style!

Posted on 02/09/14

Beaumont add beds to their furniture selection

At Beaumont Furniture customers can now shop online for all their home furnishings, they are well known for their high quality sofas, suites and chairs and all their other superb products!

Posted on 02/09/14

Expert financial advice accessible to all

A new innovative site is now offering financial advice at affordable prices, they are looking to help anyone looking for guidance on tax planning, investing, retirement or protecting their assets!

Posted on 02/09/14

Hot new celebrity trend leads to boom in sales for waist cinchers

Since Kim Kardashian, 33, recently revealed that she has been using a 'waist training' corset following the birth of her baby, sales of corsets and waist cinchers have been positively booming

Posted on 02/09/14

First aid course available for Edinburgh and Glasgow areas

An expert provider of first aid training aims to deliver life-saving skills throughout Edinburgh and Glasgow!

Posted on 02/09/14

Red Hen opens its new online store

Red Hen, a boutique that specialises in the quirky and unusual, with a product list focusing on home and garden furniture and accessories, are expanding their online presence

Posted on 02/09/14

Red Star: Jak efektywnie kierować przedsiębiorczym pracownikiem

Osoba wcale nie musi być właścicielem biznesu aby być przedsiębiorcom. Wiele ludzi z przedsiębiorczym umysłem czeka latami, aby otworzyć swój biznes. Wielu również w ogóle się to nie udaje

Posted on 01/09/14

HB Group Italia Riporta una Rapida Crescita

HB Group di Milano ha pubblicato una dichiarazione ad inizio settimana nella quale afferma che l’azienda si è aggiudicata due nuovi clienti, cosa che ha portato ad un incremento delle entrate 27%

Posted on 01/09/14

Guida di HB Group Milano nella stesura di un piano aziendale di successo

Ai nuovi imprenditori viene sempre detto quanto sia essenziale scrivere un piano aziendale efficace ma realizzabile durante l'avvio di un impresa

Posted on 01/09/14

Smart Live Gaming partnered with Prof. Ellis Cashmore to feature UK citizens’ betting behaviour

Smart Live Gaming featured a visually orientated recreation of the Gambling Commission’s most recent betting statistics. This version comprehensively addresses the betting behaviour of UK citizens divided accordingly by gender and array of age groups

Posted on 01/09/14

British Seniors life insurance launch M&S gift card offer

British Seniors announces its new promotion with Marks & Spencer to provide a £40 gift card with their over 50s life insurance and over 50s personal accident insurance policies

Posted on 01/09/14

New school building from Smart Space is top of the class for Kingsbury

Following a tendering process, based around the low environmental impact requirements, Kingsbury School in Warwickshire opted for a permanent structure from light-weight buildings specialists Smart Space

Posted on 01/09/14

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