Industrial action

South Yorkshire strike journalists 'optimistic' about talks

Members of the National Union of Journalists at South Yorkshire Newspapers show confidence as talks begin with Johnston Press

Posted by Rachel Bartlett on 16/09/11

Newsquest North West staff begin strike over job cuts

NUJ members have begun the first of two planned 24-hour strikes over five compulsory redundancies planned across titles in Cheshire and Merseyside

Posted by Joel Gunter on 14/09/11

South Yorkshire journalists suspend eight-week strike

National Union of Journalists announce staff at South Yorkshire Newspapers will return to work after eight weeks of an indefinite strike over job losses

Posted by Rachel Bartlett on 07/09/11

Johnston Press chief handed 3,000-name strike petition

John Fry said by the NUJ to be 'shaken and visibly uncomfortable' as he accepts petition from South Yorkshire strikers and union representatives

Posted by Joel Gunter on 25/08/11

Newsquest North West journalists to ballot for strike

Staff to hold one-week strike ballot over plans to cut seven jobs across Newsquest offices in Sale, Warrington and Northwich

Posted by Joel Gunter on 24/08/11

'Thousands' sign Johnston Press Yorks strike petition

The NUJ will hand over a petition to Johnston Press tomorrow as part of its protest against planned cuts across the company's South Yorkshire titles

Posted by Joel Gunter on 24/08/11

BBC Wales redundancy strike suspended

Broadcast union BECTU has agreed to suspend its planned 24-hour strike pending the outcome of appeals by members of staff at risk of redundancy

Posted by Joel Gunter on 19/08/11

BBC Wales staff to strike over planned redundancies

Union announces 24-hour strike over four editors and one assistant producer due to be made redundant on 31 August

Posted by Joel Gunter on 18/08/11

Johnston Press editor made redundant amid strike dispute

Editor Jim Oldfield to appeal against redundancy while continuing to support journalists on indefinite strike at the South Yorkshire Times

Posted by Rachel McAthy on 11/08/11

#jpod in depth: Strikers on BBC picket lines

#jpod looks at the BBC strikes, speaking to NUJ members on the picket lines and Jonathan Lovett father of the chapel for the NUJ at Tindle Newspapers in Enfield, on winning concessions from management

Posted by Rachel Bartlett on 05/08/11

Johnston Press chief says no to ACAS mediating strike

John Fry tells NUJ members that management won't involve conciliation service ACAS in resolving ongoing dispute over cutbacks across South Yorkshire titles

Posted by Joel Gunter on 04/08/11

BBC news programmes disrupted by second 24-hour strike

BBC Radio 4's Today programme delayed and BBC 1's Breakfast show off-air as NUJ members stage second one-day walk out over compulsory redundancies

Posted by Joel Gunter on 01/08/11

Johnston Press strikers call for ACAS to broker dispute

Staff at South Yorkshire titles unanimously back call for assistance of government-funded conciliation service in ending indefinite strike

Posted by Joel Gunter on 27/07/11

Johnston Press strikers stand firm ahead of meeting

Staff at titles including the South Yorkshire Times, Selby Times and Doncaster Free Press are on indefinite strike over proposed job cuts in the region

Posted by Joel Gunter on 26/07/11

BBC news programmes disrupted by strike

Today programme delayed and BBC Breakfast cancelled as thousands of journalists walk out over compulsory redundancies

Posted by Joel Gunter on 15/07/11

South Yorkshire Johnston Press journalists announce indefinite strike

Staff are striking over 18 job cuts, the closure of the Goole Courier's office and the scrapping of an editor's role

Posted by Joel Gunter on 11/07/11

BBC strike to take place next week

Members of the National Union of Journalists vote for strike action over compulsory redundancies at the World Service

Posted by Rachel Bartlett on 08/07/11

Newsquest South London journalists call off strike after agreement

A dispute between staff and management at titles in Surrey, Sutton and Twickenham has been resolved, says NUJ

Posted by Rachel Bartlett on 29/06/11

Tindle Newspapers strikes deal with Enfield Nine, says NUJ

Father of the chapel Jonathan Lovett told Tindle has agreed to reverse its policy of non-replacement for a period of six months

Posted by Rachel Bartlett on 22/06/11

'Enfield Nine' in unanimous vote for further strike action

Second strike agreed by journalists working for Tindle Newspapers' Enfield titles in protest at the quality of newspapers being produced

Posted by Rachel Bartlett on 15/06/11

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From our editors' blog

BBC 'not expecting any disruption' during World Service weekend strike

Fifteen members of broadcast union Bectu voted to strike this weekend

Posted by Jack Dearlove on 13 April 2012

'There's no fat to cut away here': BBC Sussex staff join nationwide strikes

BBC journalists in Brighton manned a picket line from 4am as part of nation-wide strikes by NUJ members at the broadcaster

Posted by Joel Gunter on 1 August 2011

'Embarrassed bosses' stop strike breaking with work experience, NUJ claims

Johnston Press bosses called on teenager on work placement to get paper out during strike, NUJ claims

Posted by Sarah Marshall on 22 July 2011

NUJ: Journalists demand 'immediate talks' as 22 jobs face cut at Media Wales

Proposals will see 10 district office staff, eight production journalists and four members of the sports staff made redundant at Media Wales

Posted by Rachel Bartlett on 19 July 2011

South Yorkshire Times front page reports on journalist job cuts

Editor of Johnston Press title - whose job is under threat - reports editorial cuts on front page

Posted by Sarah Marshall on 23 June 2011

NUJ: Ray Tindle to meet with Parlimentary representatives over Enfield dispute

Sir Ray Tindle meets with the NUJ Parliamentary group to explain the staffing situation which has led to industrial action in Enfield

Posted by Rachel Bartlett on 21 June 2011

Newsquest South London: new four-day strike announced

Journalists at Newsquest titles in London are taking part in a second strike as part of ongoing disputes over editorial space, redundancies, and an office move

Posted by Joel Gunter on 20 June 2011

Strike dates announced at Newsquest South London

Journalists at Newsquest South London will walk out next Wednesday and Thursday in a dispute over cuts, pay and an office relocation

Posted by Rachel Bartlett on 9 June 2011

Debate: Will other reporters follow Tindle's and strike over quality?

Reporters at Tindle Newspapers titles in Enfield are striking over quality saying they cannot leave the office to cover court stories, council meetings and are delivering a poor product to readers

Posted by Sarah Marshall on 14 April 2011

NUJ: Bolton strike on, Sheffield strike off

Journalists at the Newsquest-owned Bolton News voted to strike in protest against an ongoing pay freeze while staff at a Johnston Press titles in Sheffield have reached a deal with management over plans to cut production jobs

Posted by Paul McNally on 9 February 2011

Newsquest: An update on the reported pay freeze thaw

Journalists at some Newsquest titles are experiencing a 'thaw' in the pay freeze but the change is not nationwide

Posted by Laura Oliver on 24 December 2010

Brighton Argus' new out-of-town subs fall at the first hurdle

First day of centralised subbing for Brighton's Argus sees Southampton-based sub-editors fail to spot an embarrassing typo

Posted by Joel Gunter on 20 December 2010

NUJ: Southern Daily Echo chapel to ballot for strikes over pay freeze

Staff at the Southern Daily Echo are balloting for more strike action after a 48-hour strike over pay

Posted by Rachel Bartlett on 16 December 2010

NUJ: More strife for Newsquest as four more NUJ centres vote to strike

NUJ members at Newsquest-owned titles in Blackburn, Bradford, Bolton and York have all voted for indsutrial action.

Posted by Rachel Bartlett on 9 December 2010

Jon Slattery: 'You can slice the salami only so many times,' warns ex-Argus man

Former Brighton Argus deputy editor Frank le Duc explains the challenges facing regional publishers from new local competition

Posted by Joel Gunter on 22 November 2010

Brighton Argus: Twitter account and strike blog boost picket line protests

Striking journalists at the Newsquest-owned Brighton Argus gathered online support via the Twitter account @argus_strike and a blog throughout the action

Posted by Rachel Bartlett on 19 November 2010

NUJ members ballot for strike at north-east Newsquest titles

NUJ members at the Darlington and Stockton Times, Durham Times and the Advertiser series, have unanimously passed a motion of no confidence in the chief executives of Newsquest and Newsquest's US parent company Gannett

Posted by Rachel Bartlett on 17 November 2010

NUJ prepared to suspend BBC strikes after new talks offer

The second 48-hour BBC strike was planned for 15 and 16 November, but the broadcaster has offered the NUJ new talks in the ongoing pensions dispute

Posted by Rachel Bartlett on 11 November 2010

#bbcstrike: What's going on at the BBC today?

The BBC strike as curated through Storify

Posted by Laura Oliver on 5 November 2010

BECTU members apply to NUJ in order to join BBC strikes

Activists from the media and entertainment union Bectu are applying to join the National Union of Journalists so they can take part in planned strike action at the BBC over pensions

Posted by Rachel Bartlett on 3 November 2010

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