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Is it time for degrees to move over for apprenticeships?

University should not be the only route into journalism. Alternative work schemes can provide newsrooms with a more diverse recruitment pool

Posted by Camille Dupont on 13/02/23

Jon Yarker, head of editorial development at Rhotic Media, on nurturing junior talent

Young recruits need to step outside of their comfort zones to reach their potential. Dedicated newsroom roles can help know when they are ready

Posted by Jacob Granger on 03/02/23

How to change career in the new year

Self-praise, cheerleaders and good mental health are the essential ingredients to charting a career path, says former BBC journalist Dhruti Shah

Posted by Jacob Granger on 16/01/23

Five tips for journalists to thrive in self-employment

Embrace your inner entrepreneur and take charge of your own income

Posted by Jon Card on 04/01/23

How to achieve your goals in 2023

It is never too late to plan for success and pick yourself up if something goes wrong. Make this the year you do not fail your ambitions at the first hurdle

Posted by Jacob Granger on 02/01/23

Professional development tips, with ex-BBC journalist Dhruti Shah

How to find confidence, cheerleaders and career motivation in the new year

Posted by Jacob Granger on 22/12/22

Looking for a job in journalism? Check out this advice from industry experts

Media pros share their top tips for improving your job applications and interviews

Posted by Jacob Granger on 08/12/22

Tip: Top skills (and people) needed in the modern newsroom

As our workplace and industry evolve, our hiring and training practices must evolve with it

Posted by Jacob Granger on 01/09/22

Four reasons the shift to hybrid working is set to stay for young professionals

Managers must be role models to retain the young talent who can feel the benefit of WFH

Posted by Amanda Jones on 22/08/22

Tip: NCTJ's guide for providing work experience and internships

Use this set of industry guidelines to put fairer policies in place, allowing a greater diversity of talent to hone their skills in your newsroom

Posted by Jacob Granger on 25/07/22

Tip: Use "stay interviews" to retain talent

When employers talk openly with staff looking to leave the company, at best they may convince them to stay, regardless they learn how to improve their workplace

Posted by Jacob Granger on 14/07/22

Newsrewired special: training and retaining new journalists

Recruiting predominantly from universities is skewing representation in UK newsrooms. What are the alternatives worth exploring and how do we make them a success?

Posted by Jacob Granger on 31/05/22

Foreign journalists can write in English, thank you very much

EU journalists are underrepresented in the British media, it is not a problem of English language barriers

Posted by Camille Dupont on 11/05/22

What can be done to create more viable routes into journalism?

80 per cent of the UK press hold university degrees, a one-way route into journalism which is stopping the industry being more representative

Posted by Jacob Granger on 09/05/22

Tip: Use non-media experience to your advantage

Having a background in call centres, coffee shops or education can provide transferable skills to work as a journalist

Posted by Jacob Granger on 11/03/22

Why UK newsrooms will soon need more apprentices

With rising costs of living, fewer young people may be able to afford university in the coming years. We need to offer more affordable routes to the industry or risk having journalists disconnected from their audiences

Posted by Marcela Kunova on 11/03/22

What will it take to get more women into tech roles in the newsroom?

Whether they cover stories about tech or develop new products, women journalists bring fresh voices and views that every news organisation will need to survive and thrive

Posted by Catherine Edwards on 09/03/22

How to get your foot in the door at BBC and ITN

So you want to work for the national broadcaster, ITV, Channel 4 or Channel 5 but do not know where to start? Follow this guide

Posted by Amanda Nunn on 08/03/22

How to network with commissioning editors

Successful pitching makes a successful freelancer, and that means building relationships

Posted by Marcela Kunova on 18/02/22

Video CVs: fab or fad?

Grabbing a recruiter’s attention with a recording of yourself may be just what you need to stand out. But it is not for everyone

Posted by Marcela Kunova on 14/02/22

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