Auto de Fe

Auto de Fe on iPad

A new magazine "of inquisitive journalism and intelligent photography" has launched for iPad. The online version of Auto de Fe is to go live this weekend and will be followed by a print edition later in the year.

"The iPad edition will feature more content than the online version and will also publish exclusive videos, pictures, interactive media and infographics," according to an announcement on the site.

The iPad magazine is viewed in landscape and navigated by swiping horizontally through the features, and articles are read vertically (see photo above).

The independent title has been founded by two photojournalists and supported by independent designers, writers and photographers, executive editor of the magazine Jack Laurenson told

"Initially, eight digital issues of Auto de Fe will be published per year, roughly one every six weeks. Eventually however, we will switch to publishing monthly and release 12 issues per year," the announcement says, and explains the decision to initially publish every six weeks as opposed to every month.

"First, the magazine is pretty beefy, containing eight or nine large features plus bonus content in each issue, so we want to give people plenty of time to read it all. Secondly, the extra time between issues gives us the breathing space we need to develop the magazine and improve it – it’s worth noting that we’re a pretty small team that is producing a magazine almost as large as National Geographic."

The team has plans to initially publish the four printed issues of Auto de Fe per year.

"Auto de Fe will be the first magazine of its kind which is completely cross-platform. It’s currently being tested on Android, Kindle, Smartphone and Blackberry devices and will soon be available on those too."

The first issue of the iPad edition costs £0.69, subsequent issues will be £2.49 and a three-month subscription will be £3.99 (three months / two issues) or £15.99 (12 months / eight issues).

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