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Whether streaming whole programmes or watching short pieces that accompany a news or a feature story, online publishers know people are increasingly watching more videos on their tablets, smartphones and desktop computers.

With such high demand for original video, online publishers are keen to create compelling productions of their own, but often they don’t fully understand the process required for clearing rights and obtaining permission that will allow them to add a musical soundtrack to their video.

Thinking about the rights needed to secure a key piece of audio might not be as much fun as writing a script, shooting footage, and editing together the final package, but it can be just as important.

Do you know sync rights from master rights? Well, what about mechanical rights and performance rights? Do you know who to approach for clearance to use these elements?

For a publisher looking to secure commercial music for an online video, it might be necessary to approach a performer’s record label and publishing company in the first instance. Even a publisher looking to record their own cover versions will need to secure sync and mechanical rights.

It could be that a publisher would prefer to commission original music. This certainly makes it easier, as the fee paid should already include some of the necessary rights, but you should be wary of any possible copyright infringements that could be incurred by the commissioned music.

The most cost-effective option could even be music sourced from a library that holds a wide range of different genres of production music with the rights all dealt with in a single licence.

Whichever option you choose, it’s important to secure all the necessary rights before incorporating music into your online videos.

Check out the Audio Network's guide above to find out which music rights are relevant to your video piece and how you can source them.

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