Kurdish protestors Guardian Rusbridger

Guardian editor Alan Rusbridger talks to protestors in the newspaper's offices

Credit: Benji Lanyado / All rights reserved

A group of London-based Kurdish protesters carried out a demonstration at the Guardian's headquarters in London today after managing to make it past security.

Assembling on the stairs to the newsroom, the demonstrators protested against the lack of media coverage on the plight of Kurds and their treatment by the Turkish government.

Writing on its live blog the Guardian said the demonstration was "raucous at first but ended with a group chatting with the editor".

"They were led out after one of the group gave a brief speech to a smattering of applause".

In a video of the event a spokesman for the group can be seen calling on the Guardian and international media to not be silent on the issue.

"We demand this situation must not be allowed to continue and respectfully, excuse our entry, but respectfully ask that the Guardian and the UK media do not aciress, because silence is killing Kurds."

He handed editor-in-chief Alan Rusbridger a letter which he asked be published on the Guardian's Comment is Free site.

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