Podcast articleImriel Morgan, host of Wannabe Podcast, on sustaining the impact of Black History Month


Many news organisations turn to stories celebrating the black community during October, but how can we keep the momentum going all year round? The show known for motivating underserved audiences advises


How did you get your first job as an energy and environmental journalist?

Falmouth University graduate Kira Taylor shares how she landed an internship with media network Euractiv, which has seen her move to a new country during the pandemic


Four journalists experiment with kid-friendly podcast to inform under-12s about the news

It is not just adults that need updates about elections and covid-19. KidNuz is a fun weekday newscast that helps children to understand current affairs

How The Independent and Dennik N drive subscriptions with reader-centric metrics

Putting up a paywall is not enough to make readers pay for news. Two news publishers rolled out data-led strategies to identify, engage and convert fly-by users into paying subscribers

Posted by Jacob Granger on 11/11/20

What did First Draft learn from fact-checking the US 2020 election?

The organisation debunked false claims around ballot stuffing and voter fraud and posted them out on a private Twitter account. We caught up with special projects editor Jasper Jackson to talk about how this event shaped the future of news verification

Posted by Jacob Granger on 11/11/20

New virtual work experience scheme connects students with freelance journalists

The pandemic has left some young journalists unable to find internships and training. Freelancing for Journalists came up with a new idea on how to help them get their foot in the door

Posted by Sophie Aristotelous on 06/11/20

Podcast articleIsabelle Roughol of Borderline podcast, on the pros and cons of 'indie journalism'

Only a few months ago, the former LinkedIn international editor decided to start up her own podcasts, newsletter and a Patreon membership. She offers frank insight into being a 'one-woman band' and growing a niche audience

Posted by Jacob Granger on 05/11/20

Unpublishing: who decides what news should last forever?

The 'right to be forgotten' mentality seeps into the public perception of news reporting but most newsrooms are unequipped to deal with requests to delete stories. Between moral dilemmas and fears of censorship, what is the right way to respond?

Posted by Marcela Kunova on 04/11/20

How did you get your first job as a digital journalist?

Edinburgh Napier University graduate Iain Leggat explains how reassessing his career goals led to a new role reporting on trending and social news for JPI Media

Posted by Sophie Aristotelous on 03/11/20

App for journalists: MyScoop, for commissioning mobile and citizen journalism

This new tool allows you to upload film and photo exclusives during breaking news events and charge organisations for using your content

Posted by Jacob Granger on 03/11/20

How can journalists take care of themselves and their colleagues during the pandemic?

The threat of the virus, combined with being stuck inside, puts our mental health at risk. Hannah Storm advises on how to look out for one another

Posted by Jacob Granger on 02/11/20

Newsrewired: early-bird bookings now open

Join us for four sessions between 1st and 10th December 2020 and get the latest knowledge on how to help your newsroom thrive despite the pandemic

Posted by Marcela Kunova on 29/10/20

Podcast articleEd Conway, economics editor at Sky News, on data and AR in the US election coverage

The race to the White House will be decided in some key battleground states. Sky News is planning a night of augmented reality visuals and county-level statistics to keep audiences up to date

Posted by Jacob Granger on 29/10/20

A guide to mastering 100wpm shorthand

How to get up to speed with shorthand: freelance journalist Mamiyo Padi shares her top tips after reaching the milestone

Posted by Mamiyo Padi on 29/10/20

Give voice to 'more doctors and nurses, fewer politicians and pundits' if you want audiences to trust your covid-19 coverage

Latest RISJ study reveals that 15 per cent of people in the UK consume almost no news and would not trust it even if it reached them. With a second wave looming, news organisations must rethink their strategy to keep news avoiders clued up

Posted by Jacob Granger on 28/10/20

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