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Since its very recent launch, Meta’s text-based app Threads has attracted the interest of journalists and media organisations. However, given the uncertainty surrounding the new platform’s future, newsrooms and social media teams feel cautious about directing resources to it.

Digital media expert Matt Navarra thinks that Threads represents an opportunity for media professionals to expand their reach to a highly community-oriented platform. Like Twitter before it, Threads could evolve into an outlet for content distribution with an immense user base.

But Threads is still in its early stages so it is hard to determine what the most successful publishing strategy. Initial low-risk experiments can use insights from other digital platforms like Twitter or TikTok.

Although Threads still lacks many of the features which made Twitter the go-to platform for news content, Meta’s latest update announcements around interoperability with other apps - including Twitter’s competitor Mastodon - might bring novelty for digital content distribution.

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