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ESS Modular completes acquisition of Spatial Initiative

Leading modular building company, ESS Modular today announced that Spatial Initiative has become a fully owned subsidiary of the ESS Modular Group. The announcement comes after ESS Modular acquired an additional 50 per cent share in the UK school building company. The move is an investment in the continued growth of the educational arm of the business, which will continue to support the DfE's ambitious school building programmes

Posted on 17/06/20
Hawthorn Leisure renews Ostara CAFM software contract

Ostara Systems Limited is proud to announce that Hawthorn Leisure has renewed its CAFM software contract for a further three years

Posted on 16/06/20
EU isolationism leaving dangerous power vacuum in Balkans, warns major new report on the arms trade

EU isolation has created a dangerous power vacuum in Balkans and Eastern Europe that has been filled by Saudi Arabia, UAE, China and Russia, warns a major new report on the arms trade in the region

Posted on 15/06/20
Berkshire Psychologist provides a unique solution to NHS mental health problems

To honour and thank the NHS, Dr Purves, a Berkshire Psychologist, has developed and provided a clinical level online self-help cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT) programme for all NHS staff. This is free to all NHS staff forever

Posted on 15/06/20
Teenager's plea to gardeners

A Monmouth teenager is appealing to people to check for hedgehogs before they strim and mow their gardens this summer

Posted on 12/06/20
New hobbies in the wake of Covid-19

As the world undergoes major changes in the wake of Covid-19, we all have to be careful of the psychological effects this virus has on the human mind

Posted on 11/06/20
Leading UK customer insight agency joins forces with award-winning Irish tech firm

Reading-based Alchemetrics, an agency with more than 20 years expertise developing bespoke Customer Data Platforms, has become part of Xtremepush, a leading customer engagement, personalisation and data platform established in Dublin in 2014

Posted on 08/06/20
Upstream Works announces new software for richer engagements and ease of administration

Upstream Works for Finesse streamlines customer engagements and increases management efficiency

Posted on 03/06/20
Successful entrepreneur Sheila Holt shares 17 Lessons she learned as an entrepreneur

Sapphire Lending founder and managing director Sheila Holt is sharing her top tips on building a business during a pandemic

Posted on 02/06/20
TC Harrison JCB launches 'Direct2You' offering

TC Harrison JCB has launched a new campaign to re-enforce its commitment to its customers and resilience in selling/delivering maintaining machines no matter the situation

Posted on 02/06/20
Qwikfone UK - a reliable service in the telecommunications Industry

Qwikfone UK is an unbeatable brand in terms of refurbished gadgets and high-end mobile phone parts that companies and customers trust

Posted on 02/06/20
On-demand software teams startup Distributed raises a further £2.5m in funding

Enabling enterprises to work with fully managed, globally remote software development teams, Distributed is in a unique position to help businesses continue crucial software development projects even during global lockdowns

Posted on 02/06/20
A summer of illegal raves and squatters could become "a security nightmare"

With the heat of the summer, and in the rush to make up for lost time as lockdown eases, there are signs of significant increases in squatting activity and flash illegal raves springing up across the UK, according to the data reports from a leading security company

Posted on 01/06/20
Cash flow expert celebrates her third business anniversary during lockdown

Credit control and cash flow expert celebrates three years in business. Nicki Kinton of Confident Cashflow helps ambitious and thriving small businesses across the South West be more efficient, cash aware and tightens up suppliers' and customers' contracts

Posted on 29/05/20
Teleroute, part of Alpega Group, launches an API interface and a new mobile app to help its growing number of customers work even more efficiently

The Alpega Group continues to bet on technological innovation to contribute added value to the transport sector

Posted on 29/05/20

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UK franchise consultancy strikes Canadian franchise deal

Lime Licensing Group has expanded its franchise consulting business into Canada opening a pathway for UK and Canadian brands to easily trade in each other’s country


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