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Amazing Athelstan exhibition of rarely seen artefacts prepares for launch

A unique exhibition of Anglo Saxon artefacts related to Malmesbury, Wiltshire will go on display from 2 July as part of the town's Athelstan 1100 celebrations. Hosted by the Athelstan Museum, it is the first time they have been exhibited together

Posted on 28/06/24
From interaction to impact: Credico’s journey in amplifying customer relationships

A balance between customer relationships and business needs is achievable! Your brand promise can be fulfilled with consistency, efficiency, and true value for customers and stakeholders alike

Posted on 27/06/24
Solar Film: making the future before it happens

News broke this week that a new solar panel efficiency world record was set for converting sunlight into electricity, by China-based manufacturer Longi

Posted on 26/06/24
How to reduce screen time by using CBT therapy ‘digital detox' strategies

The average person in the UK checks their phone every 12 minutes. Have you ever found yourself 'doom scrolling' after working in front of a screen all day? You are not alone in wanting to reduce screen time

Posted on 26/06/24
One year of pioneering hassle-free chemical procurement

Chemical expert Aaron Lee, of Oxfordshire, is celebrating a year of running his own business Alchemy Trading, to create sustainable supply chains. The entrepreneur, with 15 years' experience, helps companies with procurement & distribution

Posted on 25/06/24
Specialist copywriting company, A Thousand Monkeys, embraces employee ownership

Successful copywriting agency A Thousand Monkeys, of Bournemouth, has become an employee-owned trust after working with expert Chris Maslin of Go EO. Founder Richard Spencer has taken a back seat to empower his team to take the company forward

Posted on 25/06/24
Holidaying with Dementia - Top 10 self catering holiday properties in the UK

Dr Carol Sargent, an expert in dementia friendly tourism & travel, has come up with her top ten UK, self-catering destinations catering for those with dementia who still want to enjoy their holidays - and for their partners, families or carers

Posted on 20/06/24
Leading academic to address Jersey audiences on the future of education

Next Thursday and Friday, 27 and 28 June, leading academic and tutor, Peter Fekete, will be holding two seminars in Jersey on the Future of Education

Posted on 20/06/24
The art of simplifying sales efforts: Credico’s blueprint for success

A focus on quality, willingness to change, investing in people, and staying transparent will help your business achieve both short-term and long-term goals

Posted on 18/06/24
Amplifying impact: How Credico helps companies to expand customer reach

Expanding your customer base is key throughout all cycles of your business, from the early phases throughout its entire trajectory - here is how Credico amplifies your impact

Posted on 18/06/24
Your natural choice for lowest carbon facades

Portland Stone supplied by Albion Stone has the lowest embodied carbon of all Britain's masonry façade products. It can reduce the embodied carbon for external cladding by 79 per cent when compared to brickwork and 81.5 per cent when compared to concrete cladding

Posted on 17/06/24
Calling all political parties – do not forget about the UK’s curry industry. Our votes matter

The UK's largest organisation representing 12,000 UK curry restaurants and takeaways says it has heard nothing from any of the political parties to convince it that their members' votes matter

Posted on 17/06/24
The impact of customer experience on sales performance

A great customer experience goes beyond just tallying sales - it is about stories, connections, and lasting impressions. Getting it right translates to tangible results!

Posted on 13/06/24
Bellrock and Metcor Environmental Launch Charity Challenge to help end youth homelessness

Bellrock, in partnership with Metcor Environmental, is excited to announce the launch of the Bellrock/ Metcor Charity Challenge 2024. This initiative aims to raise thousands of pounds for Centrepoint, a leading charity dedicated to helping homeless youth

Posted on 12/06/24
Collectable coins to commemorate the Battle of Waterloo will soon be released

Coin expert Jon White, of the Britannia Coin Company, is urging collectors to keep their eyes open for a new set of collectable coins which are due to be issued by the Royal Mint to commemorate the Battle of Waterloo

Posted on 11/06/24

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Cotswolds personal trainer launches podcast to inspire the over 55s

Personal trainer James Hilton has launched a podcast 'Jim's Gym - Inspiring Movement'. James, a specialist in biomechanics and injury recovery from the Cotswolds, runs Jim's Gym, a virtual online space supporting people over 55 to be more active


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