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South-west naturopath supports community charity in 2021

Naturopath and nutritional therapist Caroline Peyton of Peyton Principles is supporting The Churn Project throughout 2021. Caroline specialises in gut and digestive issues and works with forward-thinking brands that advocate well-being in the workplace

Posted on 04/02/21
Grandfather flexes his easy to use maths kit to support home schooling

Grandfather adapts his 'flexitables' which have been used by children with autism, dyslexia and number blindness, to create a home-schooling maths kit. The aim is to support parents as they home school during lockdown when maths can be a challenge

Posted on 03/02/21
Banya appeals for more foster carers to come forward

Leading fostering agency, Banya, is appealing for more foster carers to provide a home for children unable to live with their birth families. Known for its expertise in supporting children from diverse backgrounds, it is run as a social enterprise

Posted on 02/02/21
VPS Group digs deeper into construction site-security

Specialist security provider VPS has appointed Andy Brind as business development director for its growing construction site-security operations

Posted on 02/02/21
Technology company Ntegra steps up to support young people during 2021

Innovative technology company Ntegra has partnered with the social enterprise The Platform Project to support young people into work. Ntegra has been a technology innovator for 18 years working with brands including Vodafone, Waitrose and WPP

Posted on 02/02/21
Credico reviews new data surrounding customer experience

New statistics have shed light on the full extent of brand growth resulting from excellent customer experience. Credico is quick to point out the advantages of offering quality in-person experiences in 2021

Posted on 02/02/21
TC Harrison lends a helping hand to Wentworth Woodhouse Trust

Wentworth Woodhouse Trust reached out to TC Harrison JCB to see if it could offer some help with a machine to tackle some delicate maintenance work on the historic pathways leading through the grounds

Posted on 29/01/21
PT TV is launched - a FREE channel to support children and parents who are juggling homeworking and home-educating

A new YouTube channel specifically designed for children has been launched, offering FREE creative, educational and well-being activities. The aim is to support parents who are currently juggling home-working and home-educating their children

Posted on 29/01/21
Sustainable power options for CCTV towers

The VPS Group continues its fight against climate change, expanding its range of sustainable low-carbon CCTV security options

Posted on 28/01/21
Smart Mobility Living Lab CAV Testbed is fully operational

The London-based CAV testbed brings together technology, public infrastructure and transport experts to provide a unique testing ground; part of the step to place the UK at the centre of the future mobility revolution

Posted on 28/01/21
BetSlayer launches new arbitrage calculator

Betslayer, a leading supplier of sports gambling arbitrage opportunities, has announced a new and improved arbitrage calculator

Posted on 26/01/21
How leaders can keep up with the 3 Rs

Leadership and management expert Caroline Esterson of Genius Learning, which has worked with brands including EE, EON, Boden and Fenwick, has come up with tips for leaders, supervisors and managers, to positively support teams working from home

Posted on 21/01/21
Heroic 75-year-old nurse goes back to work after "nearly dying" of covid-19

Journalists are invited to follow up the story of the 75-year-old nurse who went back to work after nearly dying of covid-19. His tale is a rare "good news" story amidst this pandemic, and also offers an interesting take on retirement

Posted on 20/01/21
World pokies provider: analysing Aristocrat pokies success With Martin Johnston

Martin Johnston, a proficient webmaster, owns, a gaming site that reviews a host of Aristocrat pokies. Martin shares his expert sentiments for what you should expect in 2021

Posted on 19/01/21
Property guardian model shortlisted for Best Customer Impact award

The National Housing Maintenance Forum (NHMF) has shortlisted a joint entry from Live-in Guardians and Mount Green Housing Association in their 2021 awards for Best Customer Impact

Posted on 15/01/21

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Renowned spiritual leader calls for prayer for world peace

Currently society faces many woes, however there is a solution. If we want to find our way out of the pandemic as well as the ravages of climate change and food insecurity then we have to be willing to listen with open hearts and make changes


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