Scales and money
Credit: Image by Images_of_Money on Flickr. Some rights reserved
Most news organisations that operate for profit combine multiple revenue streams in their business models, such as advertising, sponsored content or subscriptions.

But competing in the industry is more challenging for non-profit outlets, cooperatives or smaller publishers, who might not have an extensive staff or many resources at their disposal.

After visiting a dozen non-profit and for-profit news organisations, Poynter's Katie Hawkins-Gaar and Ren LaForme have put together a list of 25 suggestions that can benefit newsrooms of all sizes and serve as guidance in their reporting process.

Their recommendations include training your own employees on the job, rather than relying on external specialists; considering the benefits of collaborations and partnerships to increase exposure and thinking twice about investing money into expensive software, when there are so many less expensive or even free tools available on the market.

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