Credit: Photo by Ethan Robertson on Unsplash

What better time of the year to be out and about producing content than the summer? The sunshine provides a nice vibrant setting for videos and stills.

However, shooting in the heat provides its own unique challenges. Not to mention you also do not want to be lugging around heavy gear on a hot day. Your mobile phone provides the perfect, lightweight solution. But that too can throw up some curveballs.

From technical advice to practical considerations, video producer and mobile journalism expert Florian Reichart provides tips on how to perfect smartphone videography in the summer, writing for his smartfilming blog. Good news UK journalists: overcast days are good days for filming. But you need to watch the sky and wait for the right time to start recording.

"Maybe don't set up your shot in the middle of a big open field where you and your phone are totally exposed to the full load of sunshine photons at high noon. Rather, try to shoot in the morning, late afternoon or early evening and also think about picking a spot in the shadows," it reads.

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