Credit: Credit Mark Hakansson/Mousetrap Media Ltd

"If you’re coming from a place of authenticity as a journalist, as a reporter, or presenter on these platforms, then that’s a way to build trust with your viewership," presenter Shivani Dave explained at our recent Newsrewired event on a session about creating content for young audiences.

"There’s no amount of money you can throw at something to make it seem authentic."

For them, authenticity is the ticket to success. For Oli Dugmore at JOE Media you can achieve that through an informal tone. That means writing copy just like you would read from a friend's WhatsApp message, or in other words to what your intended audience consumes and trusts regularly.

Larger legacy news organisations often struggle to shake off their old norms around language and style even when working on newer formats, so these tips from JOE Media and NEED TO KNOW may serve as a warning to let journalists more comfortable with social media, especially those who belong to Gen Z, follow their instincts when sharing stories.

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