Credit: Giacomo Carra via Unsplash

The coronavirus beat is here to stay, and we need data to keep our audiences informed on the latest updates. But how we present that data to our readers is just as important, as to not overwhelm or confuse them.

Last month, the Global Investigative Journalism Network (GIJN) hosted a panel of experts in the data journalism field called ‘Visualising Covid-19 Data: Tips and Traps’.

Rowan Philp, reporter at GIJN, narrowed down ten top tips from the talk on how to better present covid-19 data.

"Forget the traditional design mantra of 'show-don’t-tell'," says Albert Cairo, an author and professor on data visualisation. In the past, designers would usually let the findings do the talking. But now visual journalists must give room to text to explain key takeaways and insights.

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