Networking at Newsrewired

Credit: Frank Noon/Mousetrap Media

Striking up a conversation with strangers is a fundamental skill for journalists, particularly at social events like conferences and award ceremonies. In fact, networking can be crucial for future jobs, stories and collaborative opportunities.

But for fledgling journalists and introverts, as Janie Octia author at Splice, observes, this can be tricky and exhausting. To help you overcome this hurdle, she offers some helpful conversation techniques to ease those awkward jams and networking nerves.

On introducing yourself, she recommends a short and sweet icebreaker rather than long-winded titles. Rambling on can leave the other person confused and sometimes put off working with you.

"I wrote, edited, and practised (recorded my voice, timed myself) until it’s concise and snappy. I also practised with good friends and asked for their feedback," she writes. "I knew it’s becoming effective when people start asking questions like ‘what do you do every day’ or ‘what are your goals’ and ‘what’s the most challenging part of the job’."

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