Trust in media

Google rolls out algorithm changes to reward news organisations for original reporting

Since news went online, a scoop that took months to produce can be recycled by another website in minutes to get an easy share of web traffic. Google is set to change that

Posted by Marcela Kunova on 13/09/19

How can public service media remain relevant in a digital landscape?

Online competition is muscling out public broadcasters - like BBC News - that struggle to serve and represent younger and less formally educated audiences, a new RISJ report has found

Posted by Jacob Granger on 12/09/19

Just how effective is YouTube's new fact-checking feature?

Piloted in India, the news verification function alerts users when their search topic is a hoax. But measuring its success can be tricky

Posted by Daniel Green on 12/09/19

Robyn Vinter, editor-in-chief at The Overtake on diversity, business growth and investigative journalism for millennials

Ahead of the Newsrewired conference, Vinter talks about how recruiting diverse talent makes it easier to grow her new brand, be trusted by the readers, and receive exclusive tip-offs

Posted by Jacob Granger on 09/09/19

What do millennials and Gen Z want from the news? Convenience and hard-hitting content

To win over audiences of today and tomorrow, new RISJ research recommends replicating the Facebook and Netflix user experience combined with quality reporting

Posted by Jacob Granger on 03/09/19

“Diversity is not about political correctness. It’s about quality journalism”

From missing valuable stories to not representing audiences we serve, lack of diversity has a real impact on the quality of reporting. Bringing different voices to the newsroom is now crucial for the survival of our industry

Posted by Marcela Kunova on 29/08/19

Tip: Earn your audience's trust

As trust in news organisations continues to drop, simply telling your readers you strive for fairness can help to win them back

Posted by Daniel Green on 29/08/19

Unbalanced reporting: why giving airtime to extremist figures can fuel public support for their views

In an age where populism is on the rise, parroting controversial views can contribute to spread of radical ideologies. So how can journalists cover these topics without amplifying hate?

Posted by Daniel Green on 28/08/19

Can user rating help news brands regain audience trust?

Publishers scrutinise their website traffic and clicks but rarely look at why readers lose trust and stop engaging with their content. US startup Credder may have a solution

Posted by Jacob Granger on 21/06/19

Trust in news, membership models and Gen Z: here is your weekly journalism update

Pushed for time? Catch up with the weekly media news coverage from

Posted by Jacob Granger on 21/06/19

2019 Reuters Digital News Report finds that trust in the media continues to fall

With 71 per cent of UK audiences turning away from the news because of Brexit overload, news organisations are redefining their values and approaches to audiences to rebuild relationships

Posted by Jacob Granger on 13/06/19

Tool for journalists: Newsroom Transparency Tracker, for assessing trustworthiness of news

'Trust indicators' enable viewers to take a look at the people, practices and policies driving 52 regional, national and international media outlets

Posted by Jacob Granger on 04/06/19

How power and privilege shape communities

10 tips on building bridges between the mainstream media and underrepresented voices

Posted by Destiny Alvarez and Damian Radcliffe on 03/06/19

New speaker announcement: Marverine Cole joins panel on diversity in the newsroom

Join us on 27 November 2019 to find out why newsrooms struggle to better represent their audiences and how media can improve diversity to regain people's trust

Posted by Marcela Kunova on 16/05/19

Comment trolls: how their words can taint your brand

Research found that name-calling, expletives and insults in the comment section of even just one article have impact on the perception of the entire news site. Here is how to tackle it

Posted by Katalina Deaven on 05/02/19

Why do journalists need to care about blockchain?

The technology known for generating cryptocurrencies can also help publishers solve important problems like disinformation and lack of trust in the media

Posted by Marcela Kunova on 31/01/19

Tip: Seven lessons in rebuilding trust in news organisations

Reporting original stories and changing hiring policy are among Damian Radcliffe's top tips to rebuilding trust in the media, and in doing so, boosting their revenue stream

Posted by Jacob Granger on 01/11/18

HuffPost experiments with 'listening circles' in Birmingham to go beyond the London bubble

The news organisation moved its entire team of 45 reporters to Birmingham for a week to listen to the local people and help them regain trust in the media

Posted by Marcela Kunova on 16/07/18

Tip: Gain trust by being open about your motivations

Being open about why you’re covering a particular story can help journalists gain trust of the public

Posted by George Sharpe on 26/06/18

Women’s Health magazine puts a spotlight on the power of the news stand

Claire Sanderson, editor, Women’s Health, explains why the print publication is just as important as ever before

Posted by Caroline Scott on 14/05/18

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