Trust in media

‘Journalism is at risk because it is increasingly disconnected from society’

Jesper Doub, Facebook’s director of news partnerships, EMEA, on why the media is losing people’s trust and what we all can do about it

Posted by Marcela Kunova on 06/12/19

'Unbias the news': Lack of diversity in journalism can lead to newsrooms missing out on important stories

"When you tell a story as a journalist, you are taking out some aspects over others, and there is a certain bias when the newsrooms aren’t as diverse as the societies they serve"

Posted by Daniel Green on 22/11/19

How can quality journalism thrive at a time of news deserts, misinformation and clickbait?

When news audiences are left under-served and overwhelmed, they often turn to unreliable sources - here is what is being done to promote credible news and sensible reporting

Posted by Daniel Green on 20/11/19

What do reporters of tomorrow need to know about investigative journalism today?

In his new book, veteran investigative journalist David Leigh explains how to survive the dangers of the digital and post-truth era using lessons from the past

Posted by Jacob Granger on 31/10/19

'Old, educated and politically diverse': why public broadcasters struggle to reach a broader audience

The competition posed by social media and online-only news outlets is making public broadcasters, like BBC, increasingly irrelevant to young readers, a RISJ report has found

Posted by Daniel Green on 28/10/19

Weekly journalism news update: Newsletter strategies, remote podcasting and deepfakes

Pushed for time? Catch up with the weekly media news coverage from

Posted by Daniel Green on 18/10/19

Facebook Community News Project enabled local reporters to go back to basics - and it worked

"Innovation is what links the old to the new": NCTJ's head of partnerships reflects on the mission and meaning of the local journalism scheme one year since its launch

Posted by Will Gore on 16/10/19

Disinformation, distrust, disengagement: how can we reinvent journalism?

News diets have become akin to junk food and it is harming our audiences' mental health. Anne-Sophie Novel explains what we can do to serve healthier options and improve the way we 'make the news'

Posted by Marcela Kunova on 14/10/19

Weekly journalism news update: Mental health in the newsroom, Instagram and Brexit coverage

Pushed for time? Catch up with the weekly media news coverage from

Posted by Jacob Granger on 11/10/19

Pulitzer Center's local news initiative gives public service media a fighting chance in a digital landscape

11 US news outlets have been supported through Bringing Stories Home, a $5m Facebook-funded scheme to address declining ad revenue and mass job layoffs

Posted by Jacob Granger on 08/10/19

Have your say: Reporters Without Borders launches public call to determine trustworthy news outlets

The Journalism Trust Initiative wants to help increase page views and ad revenue for news organisations compliant with professional standards

Posted by Jacob Granger on 07/10/19

Weekly journalism news update: Education, audience engagement and expert sound design

Pushed for time? Catch up with the weekly media news coverage from

Posted by Daniel Green on 27/09/19

Tool for journalists: Credder, for ranking credible and non-credible articles

This new Google Chrome plug-in allows news readers to rate pieces of journalism out of five and give the reasons why - producing a 'mould vs gold' leaderboard of journalists and news outlets

Posted by Jacob Granger on 25/09/19

Cairncross: "The only question that matters is getting people to pay for news"

To secure the future of journalism, the news industry needs to develop ways to make public interest reporting profitable or receive governmental support, says the author of The Cairncross Review

Posted by Jacob Granger on 20/09/19

How to use solutions journalism to report on responses to social problems

From finding the right interviewee to asking the right questions, the Solutions Journalism Network explains how to report on what is going right

Posted by Jacob Granger on 19/09/19

Stand-up comedy: why showing that journalists are 'human' can boost audience trust

What happens when journalists try to deliver a punchline? Standup For Journalism project finds that humour can improve public perception of the media

Posted by Daniel Green on 19/09/19

Google rolls out algorithm changes to reward news organisations for original reporting

Since news went online, a scoop that took months to produce can be recycled by another website in minutes to get an easy share of web traffic. Google is set to change that

Posted by Marcela Kunova on 13/09/19

How can public service media remain relevant in a digital landscape?

Online competition is muscling out public broadcasters - like BBC News - that struggle to serve and represent younger and less formally educated audiences, a new RISJ report has found

Posted by Jacob Granger on 12/09/19

Just how effective is YouTube's new fact-checking feature?

Piloted in India, the news verification function alerts users when their search topic is a hoax. But measuring its success can be tricky

Posted by Daniel Green on 12/09/19

Robyn Vinter, editor-in-chief at The Overtake on diversity, business growth and investigative journalism for millennials

Ahead of the Newsrewired conference, Vinter talks about how recruiting diverse talent makes it easier to grow her new brand, be trusted by the readers, and receive exclusive tip-offs

Posted by Jacob Granger on 09/09/19

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