Trust in media

New campaign challenges Twitter to explain its "arbitrary" verification of freelance journalists

As prominent journalists are being rejected for blue ticks, two freelancers are calling on the platform to make the verification process fair and transparent

Posted by Marcela Kunova on 14/12/21

Improving relationships between journalists and academics - Newsrewired special

Newsrooms rely on scholars for research on industry trends but they are often reluctant to work with academia. In the end, everybody misses out. But it does not have to be that way

Posted by Jacob Granger on 28/10/21

Tip: Use simple formats to cover emotionally-charged topics

FAQs and Q&As can help minimise perceptions of bias when writing about topics that generate strong opinions

Posted by Sage De-Hayes on 23/09/21

Tip: Build trust by responding to readers' concerns

People have questions about what makes our work credible. Use those conversations to build connections with the community

Posted by Marcela Kunova on 17/09/21

Indifference, not hostility, is the main barrier to building trust in news

A new RISJ report finds that it is not the shouty Twitterati but the disengaged public who struggles to connect with and trust the media

Posted by Marcela Kunova on 09/09/21

Must-have skills for a media startup CEO: Chase Palmieri of Credder

What does it take to be the leader of a new media business? We speak to the mind behind a 'Rotten Tomatoes for news' platform

Posted by Jacob Granger on 27/08/21

Data journalism: five ideas for more effective industry–academic collaboration

Closer relationships between journalists and academics could bring about a more data-savvy news industry

Posted by Damian Radcliffe and Seth Lewis on 19/08/21

How journalists and researchers can work together to solve news industry's problems

While scholars have the power to prompt journalists to face uncomfortable professional truths, change is not al­ways welcome

Posted by Marcela Kunova on 16/08/21

South China Morning Post experiments with blockchain to record ‘shared human history’

The publisher will turn its archives into NFTs that can be viewed, collected and traded by the public. But why does this matter to a news organisation?

Posted by Marcela Kunova on 04/08/21

Ofcom: BBC One, ITV and Facebook are the most used news sources in the UK. In that order

Ofcom's latest research into digital news consumption also found that the over-65s still prefer to get their news from TV, while those from minority ethnic groups overwhelmingly favour the internet

Posted by Melanie Weaver on 03/08/21

Exploring the fight against misinformation

Where is the place of professional journalism in the sea of online untruths?

Posted by Laura Morelli on 02/08/21

Why nine UK journalists perform their stories live on a theatre stage

"Live journalism" project News Cabaret is looking to re-engage audiences with the news and tackle growing mistrust in the media

Posted by Marcela Kunova on 30/07/21

Influencers lead news debates in youth-focussed social networks, leaving journalists in the shade

Celebrities, personalities and activists are playing a bigger role in the news, influencing young people in social networks like Instagram, Snapchat and TikTok, according to the latest Reuters Institute Digital News Report. But what does this mean for journalists and should we be worried?

Posted by Nic Newman and Simge Andı on 12/07/21

Opinion | What does GB News mean for the UK media landscape?

The Conversation's Chris Waiting looks at the impact of the newly launched TV station on trust in news

Posted by Chris Waiting on 02/07/21

Francesco Zaffarano, editor-in-chief of Will Media, on shaking up the Italian news industry

How one media start-up is looking to gain the trust of Gen Z audiences by getting out of its big-city bubble and meeting readers in their hometowns

Posted by Jacob Granger on 01/07/21

Reuters Institute Digital News Report: 'Overall, we feel quite optimistic about where the industry is heading'

The pandemic has given the media a renewed sense of purpose reflected in increased public trust. But the news still proves hard to monetise

Posted by Jacob Granger, Marcela Kunova on 23/06/21

'Anger at "fake news" can stop journalists from admitting - and correcting - their errors'

Sky News special correspondent Alex Crawford calls on all media professionals to fight "for the good name of our profession" with transparency and honesty

Posted by Osama Gaweesh on 15/06/21

Licence fee, accountability and overseas opportunities central to BBC's future

The public broadcaster is thinking of new ways to cash in on its growing presence at home and abroad. But first, it needs to deal with scandals and balance sheets

Posted by Jacob Granger on 11/06/21

Tip: Foster trust to grow your revenue

People are willing to pay for news but they need to perceive it as credible

Posted by Jacob Granger on 11/06/21

Tip: Respond to a reader complaint without sounding defensive

Show diplomacy and humility when engaging with your community to maintain their trust

Posted by Marcela Kunova on 24/05/21

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