Storify is a great tool for curating tweets around a topic or event, but did you know you can do a similar thing with Tweetdeck?

A feature introduced last year allows users to curate tweets in collections, previously known as custom timelines, which can then be shared or embedded into a website.

This is a particularly useful tool for curating tweets around breaking news or other topical events, or to create a Tweetdeck column featuring story links to come back to when you have more time to read them.

A good example of a collection comes from the Guardian, who used it to feature questions and answers in a live Q&A on the Edward Snowden revelations.

To find out how to create a collection in Tweetdeck, watch the screencast or follow the steps below.

1. Log into Tweetdeck and add a new column using the + icon in the sidebar or the keyboard shortcut A.

2. Click 'collections', then 'create collection' and give your new column a name to make it easily identifiable.

3. You can then add tweets to your collection either by dragging and dropping from your other columns, or by clicking the three dots underneath a tweet and choosing 'add to collection' from the dropdown.

4. You can also add a tweet by copy and pasting the post URL at the bottom of the collection column.

5. Once you have a collection set up you can embed it in on your website using the share function, which allows you to create a custom HTML code.

6. If you've created a collection which might be useful for other users you can also tweet about it. All collections are public, so people can follow on Twitter when you add more tweets.

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