Course summary

Journalists and media professionals have a whole host of valuable skills and experiences that are in high demand across multiple sectors. But many of them don’t know how to translate this expert knowledge into media training that can earn them good money.

This online course will enable you to design and develop your own unique media training products - and learn how to successfully pitch and sell these to paying clients.

Over five weeks you’ll learn how to build original media training offerings from scratch, based on your own unique skills and strengths. You’ll also receive regular feedback from an experienced media trainer who has successfully designed and sold education products to clients from a range of different sectors.

Alongside essential resources, activities and discussion, you’ll be provided with step-by-step guidance and feedback throughout. This will include insider tips on how to best price and pitch your offerings for potential clients, and how to make the most of your professional media experience in the commercial world.

You’ll learn about what makes for high-quality teaching and training (pedagogy) alongside practical business skills. By the end of the course you will be able to produce media training you’re proud of and have the confidence to go and start selling.

Course curriculum


  • Introductions and welcome
  • Managing expectations and course objectives

Week 1: What makes a great course idea?

  • Pedagogy: Why theory matters
  • Education as both a product and a process (successful examples)
  • Developing initial ideas: Knowledge/skills audit
  • Market-led education… Not ‘educating the market’!
  • First steps to creating a course: Developing learning objectives

Week 2: What makes a happy client/learner?

  • Assessing your client’s needs: Key questions to ask
  • Constructive alignment from pitching to product
  • Client profiling – a tailored approach to course design
  • Types of learners: How to adapt your content to different needs
  • Teaching perspectives: Developing your own unique style

Week 3: Building your course content

  • Why interaction and activities are key to leaning
  • Examples of different learning activities
  • Constructive alignment: Matching activities to objectives
  • Learning resources: Finding the right source materials
  • Evaluating learning: Is ‘assessment’ really necessary?

Week 4: Creating a great learning experience

  • Mapping out ‘heaven’ and ‘hell’ environments
  • Reflective Learning Cycles – applying them to training
  • Finding the right environment and format: Key questions to ask
  • ‘What could go wrong?’ Troubleshooting common “nightmare” scenarios
  • Tips and tricks for constructing a positive learning experience

Week 5: Pitching and selling your training product

  • Adapting your product/services to different clients and markets
  • Who to pitch to? (B2B vs B2C, solo vs 3rd party providers, etc.)
  • Key elements for marketing and pitching your product
  • What’s your archetype? Branding and USPs
  • Pricing & negotiation! Key questions to consider


The course will consist of online learning resources and activities, which can be accessed remotely and completed in your own time.

Activities are designed to help you to develop your own training and marketing materials from scratch, using a step-by-step process.

These activities should take roughly 2 hours per week to complete, depending on different participants' needs and abilities.

When you submit work for assessment, this is not for 'grading' purposes per se, but simply to provide you with opportunities to receive feedback and support with your learning from the tutor.

In addition, Holly will be hosting live video webinars (each Wednesday, 6-7pm) to recap learning objectives, answer any questions, and facilitate discussion for those who wish to participate. Note: This is an additional, not compulsory, element to the course, and does not require strict time commitment from participants in order to complete the course.

In addition, Holly is happy to also answer any questions via email or book in a private 1-2-1s where necessary in order to provide support.

Getting there

This is an online course

About Dr Holly Powell-Jones

Holly Powell-Jones is the founder of Online Media Law UK and has been designing and delivering her own professional media training since 2013.

She started her career as a broadcast journalist, producing content for Community Channel, BBC Radio London, UKRD, and Global Radio as a newsreader and reporter.

Her training for young people on ‘social media law and ethics’ was awarded four years of funding from the Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner for Surrey, reaching over 15,000 school pupils in its final year (2017).

She’s designed and delivered training courses for multiple audiences: From lecturing at universities, to leading corporate away days, to producing original video training series for clients such as SAGE Publishing and IMPRESS.

Holly is also an Associate Fellow of the Higher Education Academy (HEA), a qualified Arts Awards advisor, and a member of the NUJ Professional Training Committee.

Find out more:

Follow: @Holly_PJ or @OnlineMediaLaw