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Tool for journalists: The Snap Map is now available on the web, outside of Snapchat

Looking for eyewitness media? Search and embed public posts from the Snap Map on

Posted by Catalina Albeanu on 13/02/18

Tip: Remember this advice for setting up a verification workstation

Is verifying online material a big part of your role? Here's how to make the process more efficient

Posted by Mădălina Ciobanu on 05/01/18

Tip: How to prevent female reporters from becoming targets of abuse on social media

Reaching out to eyewitnesses via private messaging could minimise the risks of threats and attacks on social platforms

Posted by Mădălina Ciobanu on 17/07/17

Tip: Remember this copyright advice for social media newsgathering

Bear in mind that the social platform where eyewitness media gets posted doesn't own the copyright

Posted by Mădălina Ciobanu on 08/12/16

Beyond 'fake news': Challenges for journalists debunking misinformation online

Journalists should use verification techniques and tools to spot fake news websites or authentic materials used in the wrong context

Posted by Mădălina Ciobanu on 22/11/16

Tool for journalists: Reveal Project's tweet verification assistant

This free tool can help journalists figure out whether an image posted on Twitter is real, before going through the process of reaching out to eyewitnesses

Posted by Mădălina Ciobanu on 28/09/16

Tip: Bookmark this guide for contacting sources on social media

The First Draft Coalition published a white paper with best practices for working with eyewitnesses to news events on social networks

Posted by Catalina Albeanu on 23/09/16

First Draft Partner Network launches to connect media and technology companies to improve social newsgathering

The network will host a series of summits where partners can share their experiences of finding and verifying information online and collaborate to find solutions

Posted by Catalina Albeanu on 13/09/16

Copyright tips to remember when producing online videos

When should you ask for permission to include material in your video production and what should you be concerned with when licensing your work?

Posted by Arnau Vila on 09/09/16

Podcasts, eyewitness media and new models in digital publishing: Highlights from newsrewired

If you missed out on newsrewired last week, today's podcast brings you some highlights from the conversation on trends in digital journalism

Posted by Mădălina Ciobanu on 26/07/16

Advice for sourcing eyewitness media from social networks

Here are some of the social newsgathering approaches taken by Sky News, CNN International, Reuters and Storyful when a story breaks on social media

Posted by Alli Shultes on 21/07/16

#newsrw: How to follow along with the latest newsrewired event

Expert speakers from Reuters, Sky News, Storyful, The Times and The Sunday Times and more will highlight the latest trends, tools and techniques in digital journalism at today's event

Posted by Mădălina Ciobanu on 20/07/16

Tip: Check out this advice for filtering valuable eyewitness media in the online chatter

How can you quickly spot a fake claim or piece of material online?

Posted by Mădălina Ciobanu on 04/07/16

#Brexit round-up: How the British media is covering the aftermath of the EU referendum

News outlets covered the referendum results using Facebook Live, crowdsourced reactions, push alerts in Apple Wallet and other creative methods

Posted by Mădălina Ciobanu on 27/06/16

A team of researchers from 7 countries is building an open-source tool to help verify claims on Twitter

The EU-funded project, called Pheme, is set to be completed at the beginning of 2017

Posted by Mădălina Ciobanu on 23/06/16

Tip: Check out these free tools for discovering and verifying YouTube videos

Learn how to organise YouTube videos by beat or location, and how to check if the date and source are accurate

Posted by Mădălina Ciobanu on 07/06/16

Tip: Check out these verification tools for social media newsgathering

Here is a process you can follow when verifying news from social

Posted by Catalina Albeanu on 04/05/16

'Can I use your picture?': Copyright advice for working with eyewitness media fairly from #IJF16

'The question shouldn't be "is this your video?" It should be "did you take this video?"'

Posted by Mădălina Ciobanu on 12/04/16

ONA launches set of guidelines to support news organisations working with eyewitness media

The Social Newsgathering Ethics Code, revealed by the Online News Association in London today, has been in the works for three years

Posted by Mădălina Ciobanu on 01/04/16

Storyful to launch UK Newswire channel and expand London team

The new channel from the social media newswire will focus on politics, breaking news, and trending stories

Posted by Catalina Albeanu on 31/03/16

Verifeye Media news agency launches camera app for freelancers and eyewitnesses

Videos filmed through the free app are verified at the point of creation, and news outlets can license content on a pay-per-story basis

Posted by Catalina Albeanu on 08/03/16

Tip: Check out this guide to verifying images using Google Earth

Eyewitness media can be an important part of the story, but how do you find trustworthy reports?

Posted by Catalina Albeanu on 29/01/16

3 key research findings about social media usage in the Middle East and North Africa

A new study highlights key developments and insights into how social platforms are used in countries across the region

Posted by Mădălina Ciobanu on 29/01/16

Why eyewitness media could move to chat apps, behind closed doors

As sourcing information from certain parts of the world is becoming increasingly difficult, social media is key for newsgathering – but there's a risk UGC might not be so readily available soon

Posted by Catalina Albeanu on 20/01/16

AP experiments with live streams as appetite for up-to-the-minute video grows

The Associated Press produced 25 per cent more live video last year than in 2014, highlighting the growing demand for the format online

Posted by Mădălina Ciobanu on 13/01/16

On 'the digital frontline', over half of journalists are exposed to traumatic UGC several times a week

A new study from the Eyewitness Media Hub highlights the current attitudes to vicarious trauma in newsrooms

Posted by Catalina Albeanu on 11/12/15

First Draft Coalition launches website to help journalists work with eyewitness media

The new platform aims to be a resource hub for journalists, featuring practical recommendations and analysis from social media newsgathering and verification experts

Posted by Mădălina Ciobanu on 23/11/15

The Wild West of social media: Key advice from news:rewired 'in focus'

What can journalists do to ensure they approach their sources ethically and what tools are out there to help them filter and verify user-generated content from social media?

Posted by Mădălina Ciobanu on 23/10/15

The dos and don’ts of ethical social newsgathering

Eyewitness media expert Fergus Bell shared his advice for working with user-generated content in a sustainable way, speaking at news:rewired 'in focus'

Posted by Alli Shultes on 22/10/15

How to follow along with 'news:rewired in focus'

Experts from organisations like Reuters, Storyful, BBC, WSJ and Eyewitness MediaHub will be sharing insights and practical advice on all aspects of social media search and verification at today's conference

Posted by Mădălina Ciobanu on 21/10/15

Reuters: Avoid the 'wolf pack mentality' when approaching eyewitnesses online

John Pullman, global head of visual and pictures at Reuters, highlights one of the biggest newsgathering challenges facing media outlets today, and explains how Reuters adapts to the increasing volume of user-generated content

Posted by Catalina Albeanu on 13/10/15

How the Reveal Project aims to help journalists verify eyewitness media

The initiative, co-funded by the European Commission, is doing research and development work into the different aspects of verifying materials from social media

Posted by Mădălina Ciobanu on 09/10/15

Tips for efficiently working with news from social media

Eyewitness media expert Fergus Bell shares his advice for newsrooms looking to establish social media search and verification workflows

Posted by Catalina Albeanu on 06/10/15

Banjo gives journalists free access to its social media discovery platform

Reporters can now use Banjo's 'crystal ball' to find geotagged social media posts and monitor events in their area

Posted by Catalina Albeanu on 24/09/15

'Effective news broadcasting involves more than TV, radio and a site' – Q&A with Mark Frankel

In this week's Q&A, the BBC UGC Hub's Mark Frankel shares his advice for young journalists and explains the importance of social media for the industry today

Posted by Catalina Albeanu on 14/09/15

3 tools for finding geolocated posts on social media

Echosec, Gramfeed and Banjo are a few of the free options available to help reporters quickly find eyewitness media on social platforms

Posted by Mădălina Ciobanu on 10/09/15

BBC Trending: When social media is your patch

The Trending team share their challenges working with popular stories on social networks, and how to balance the need to be speedy with getting it right

Posted by Catalina Albeanu on 06/08/15

CrowdVoice wants to help curate and verify crowdsourced news

This free open source tool aims to make it easier for news organisations to collect, verify and embed news and data in stories

Posted by Mădălina Ciobanu on 05/08/15

5 online databases for journalists to find new sources

These resources can help you find people for your story when you're struggling with your own contacts

Posted by Mădălina Ciobanu on 29/07/15

How BBC Have Your Say uses WhatsApp for newsgathering

The UGC team first found out about the Alton Towers rollercoaster crash from WhatsApp

Posted by Catalina Albeanu on 16/06/15

eyeWitness app launches to verify atrocity crimes

The new project from the International Bar Association is aimed at prosecutions 'first and foremost' but will work with the media to verify and raise awareness of crimes

Posted by Alastair Reid on 08/06/15

'When you're using Twitter to find witnesses, treat it like a door knock'

Alison Gow, digital innovations editor, Trinity Mirror Regionals

Posted by Alison Gow on 05/06/15

9 top trends in newsrooms around the world

Key findings from the Trends in Newsrooms 2015 report, launched at the World Editors Forum in Washington DC

Posted by Abigail Edge on 05/06/15

Verifeye Media wants to bring ethics back into eyewitness news

The new platform launched by an experienced war photographer seeks to make sure freelancers get paid while giving news organisations verified footage from around the world

Posted by Alastair Reid on 01/06/15

New DW app will have geolocated push alerts for eyewitness media

The German outlet hopes the new approach will generate more contributions and story ideas from all over the world

Posted by Catalina Albeanu on 20/05/15

Can newsrooms be ethical and competitive with UGC?

An expert panel discussed the issues at the International Journalism Festival in Perugia

Posted by Alastair Reid on 21/04/15

Eyewitness media: Advice on ethics and etiquette

Experts from Eyewitness Media Hub explain how journalists should get consent to use images from social networks

Posted by Alastair Reid on 06/02/15

Eyewitness media and ethics in the wake of Charlie Hebdo

This week's podcast looks at how the recent terror attack in France was reported by news outlets using eyewitness media posted to Twitter, Facebook and Instagram

Posted by Abigail Edge on 19/01/15

Training courses for journalists in 2015

Take a look at the media training courses has got lined up so far for next year

Posted by Abigail Edge on 22/12/14

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