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Why did you choose to become a freelancer?
I was working full-time in the social media marketing industry but felt my role wasn't offering enough variety. So I went back to freelancing full-time as a way to be involved in a multitude of different projects. Although I get a lot of satisfaction from social media consultancy, I have always wanted to be a writer. Working from home I also have more time for my family and craft projects.

If you trained, where? If not, how did you become a freelancer?
I took the Magazine Journalism Post-Graduate Diploma (bit of a mouthful) at Cardiff University. I started freelancing shortly after leaving University as a way to break into the writing industry (where sometimes you need experience to get experience), this was followed by a stint of internships. Then once I started my full-time social media career I used the occasional commission to keep my hand in, writing in the evenings and on weekends.

Do you specialise in any particular field and what areas do you write about?
My main specialism is finance, which seems to be rare. I would never pretend to know everything about the area but I have written about personal finance, taxes and insurance. These are all topics that on the surface many copywriters would find dull. But I see financial writing as great opportunity to create well-researched, stand-out pieces.

I write my own blog about social media in the finance industry. Despite most organisations being behind the times it is such a growing area with its own unique problems with regulations and unwieldy board-members. There is lots of inspirational activity going on in America to follow as well.

You will also see from my website that I write for the adult industry. Again I see this as a fantastic challenge. I apply all of the traditional journalistic rules of crafting an article on any topic.

Which publications have you been published in?

The majority of my work has been online for finance companies like Policy Expert and, media140, UKC, Men's Health and Harlot e-zine. I have also been published in Adventure Travel and Countryfile as well as Forum, Men Only, Mayfair, Erotic Review and Scarlet. My other work includes newsletters, SEO articles and Press Releases for various different companies.

Which articles, in which publication, are you the most proud of?
My proudest moment came when travelling abroad last November. The climbing hostel we were staying in had a copy of a magazine I had written a two page feature in about bouldering in Fontainebleau. My boyfriend was so impressed he asked the host whether he could keep it.

What are the best and worst aspects of freelancing?

My favourite aspect of freelancing is that you have the freedom to choose your own path down to the very project and you also meet a lot of interesting people. The worst aspect is not necessarily knowing when that next commission will show. It is also sometimes difficult working with family or friends around as they tend to think your research is just a bit of fun.

Do you have any interesting anecdotes in relation to your experience as a freelancer?
I've had the pleasure of interviewing a wide variety of people from dungeon Mistresses and sex toy manufacturers to car companies and record-breaking sailors, but a recent meeting sticks in my mind. Last month I spent a fascinating evening in a Covent garden pub speaking to the CEO of a big bank. He chatted so openly and honestly about his life and work, it was incredible to see a representative of a financial organisation speaking like that.

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