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Free morning newspaper Metro reported the highest growth in daily traffic to its website last month, according to the latest figures released by the Audit Bureau of Circulation today.

Metro's daily average unique browser count went up by 8.7 per cent, climbing to just over 1.3 million in April from 1.2 million in March.

Other national titles have stalled, however, with MailOnline, Mirror Group Nationals and The Telegraph all reporting drops in daily traffic of around 2 per cent.

Mirror Group Nationals saw daily traffic fall from 3.8 million in March to 3.7 in April, while the Telegraph dipped from 4.1 million to just over 4 million.

The biggest loss in April was reported by the Daily Star, losing a quarter of its monthly browsers in going from just over 11 million in March to 8.2 million last month.

This is the second time the Star has seen such a large drop in monthly traffic in recent months. It also lost a similar chunk of its browsers in November, when its total traffic went drown 28 per cent.

The Star's daily averages were also down 16.27 per cent from 607,118 daily browsers in March to 508,366 last month, although the Star did still register a respectable year-on-year growth of 43.7 per cent.

ABC average dailies April
Average daily web traffic to UK news outlets in April. See the full data

Elsewhere, the Guardian saw the smallest drop in daily unique browsers of just 1.17 percent, to 7.2 million, while its total monthly readers went down from 127 million to 123 million.

The Independent and The Daily Express both lost out on daily browsers in April as well, with dips of 6.1 per cent and 5.19 per cent respectively.

The Independent fell below 50 million total monthly readers again, a mark it has been hitting and missing since it first broke through in September, reporting 48 million in April.

And while the Express reported just under 20 million total monthly browser in March, its traffic fell to 17 million in April.

MailOnline maintained its position as the most visited UK news website, yet daily traffic fell from 13.9 million in March to 13.6 million last month, and monthly figures put it well behind its previous record-breaking form.

Having smashed through records last month with 226 million monthly browsers, the 213 million in April is the lowest figure from MailOnline registered by ABC since before the outlet broke through the 200 million benchmark in January.

ABC April total monthlies
Total monthly web traffic to UK news outlets in April. See the full data

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