Martin Baron, executive editor, The Washington Post, spoke at the GEN Summit in Vienna today (22 June) about digital journalism in the current media and political landscape. caught up with him to find out what advice he has for young journalists just entering the industry.

"I think that first of all people who get into the field need to have intellectual curiosity, they need to be interested in what's happening in the world, they need to learn the basics about how to report, how to conduct interviews, and how to evaluate the information that they have," he said.

"They need to educate themselves in all of the tools that we now have available to us, and at the same time they also need to be entrepreneurial.

"I think it's a great time to get into the field, and there's a lot of entrepreneurial activity, there are new sites that are growing up that are very legitimate, that are different from traditional and mainstream news organisations."

Listen to his full advice above.

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