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A new platform is to launch which aims to connect people who take video of breaking news stories with newsrooms. Users who upload newsworthy video via the ifussss app will get paid.

ifussss – which stands for 'if you see something, share something' – will join apps such as Scoopshot, Newsflare and Demotix, which act as platforms where newsrooms can gather user-generated content and where users get paid in return for their images. Scoopshot focuses on photography, Newsflare on video and Demotix covers both.

A press release announcing ifussss says the new platform's focus will be breaking news video. Android and iPhone apps will be launched on 9 September.

ifussss app

The release explains that the videos will be filtered and the rights cleared so newsrooms will have access to the breaking news content in seconds.

Journalists will be able to monitor and search content on the ifussss newsroom platform (at ifussss.com) and download video clips for "a small fee".

They will be able to contact the person who took the footage for a quote, further information and for verification purposes.

Ed Brookes, co-founder of ifussss, said in the release that the new platform will solve "workflow issues for newsrooms".

Users will be able to use the app to record 30-second clips and will then be able to upload to the ifussss network. The metadata will be added automatically.

The release explains that the app also aids verification. "Geo-tagging means search results are returned within metres of where the action is happening".

It adds: "By monitoring the ifussss website newsrooms can see exactly where events are taking place and react accordingly."

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