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The Mail Online has the greatest number of articles 'pinned' on Pinterest, a study of 13 UK newspaper websites has found.

Almost 2 million (1,963,999) Mail Online articles have been pinned using the visual bookmarking platform, with the Telegraph second with nearly 500,000 (429,137) shares, research carried out on 12 October by search and social analytics company Searchmetrics found.

The study found the the Guardian had 329,720 pins of its pages on Pinterest, the Sun 62,908, the Mirror had 28,027, the Independent 16,588, The Times 2,204, the Financial Times 1,288, the Daily Record 632, the Scotsman 313, the Express 214, Herald Scotland 55, and Daily Star articles had been pinned 4 times when the study was carried out.

The research found the Guardian had the most pinned article. Its feature on how to make a baby’s swaddle blanket was pinned 53,638 times. The Mail Online has the second and third most pinned articles: an article and photograph of the Duchess of Cambridge at the London Olympic Gala concert (52,813 pins) and a feature on how to get thin thighs in 30 days (45,811 pins).

Eight out of the 13 outlets in the study have Pinterest accounts and are pinning their own content, with the Guardian's attracting the most followers (2,258). Next is the Telegraph with 1,502 followers, then the Independent with 829, followed by the Mail Online with 322 and the Financial Times with 309.

Weekly data from Searchmetrics shows the Mail Online generates the most average pins per week (163,574 ) followed by the Telegraph (42,476 ) and the Guardian (32,174).

A February study found that 98 per cent of Pinterest fans were women.

Marcus Tober, founder and chief technology officer of Searchmetrics, which collects weekly data including an analysis of links shared on Pinterest and other social networks as part of its search and social analytics software, said in a release: “Pinterest has the power to put publishers’ content in front of new people and drive traffic back to their sites. While it’s relatively new, Pinterest is one of the fastest growing social sites."

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