A copyright free image from Auto Futures

What is it?

An online publisher offering copyright-free assets for journalists reporting on the automotive industry.

How is it of use to journalists?

Launched back in September by DMA Media, Auto Futures describes itself as a ‘one-stop hub’ for journalists who are reporting on the automotive industry and its future.

The website offers press releases and digital content from industry brands on industry developments and talking points – without any logging-in or subscription required.

Visitors can use the tool to access and download assets such as videos and images that are ready-to-use — ideal for when you are up against deadline or need content to accompany a piece.

So, how does it work?

Brands content

From the homepage, under 'brand content', a small download icon will take you to the ‘brand’ page.

Homepage, follow the red rings to take you to branded, copyright-free content - or click the picture

Sift through the articles until you see something you like, or something relevant to your work.

Once on the article, the right hand sidebar will show you the available, downloadable content which includes press releases, images and video.

For images, a microscope icon will appear in the middle of the image, which will allow you to flick through a slideshow of the images, and prompt you to download.

For video, there is a preview option indicated with a the triangle icon — which allows you to play the content beforehand, also giving you the option to download.

When hovering over the asset box, both images and video have the option to download instantly with the download icon resting next to either of the microscope or play buttons.

The sidebar also includes downloadable original press releases, which viewers are free to copy and paste as needed. There are also follow up press contacts and web details available.

The download menu on a brand content page

Note that only content on the 'brands section' is copyright free.

Editorial content

On the main menu headings, the ‘news’ section reports industry updates and there are also ‘event’ reflections and ‘views’ from the writers.

Similarly, there are the 'tech' and ‘green’ original editorial sections, which Adrian Smith, head of editorial, DMA Media, says focus on the three ‘megatrends’ in the automotive industry: autonomous driving, electric vehicles, connected services in car internet services.

The 'tech' and 'green' sections on Auto Futures cover industry megatrends

These are sections all copyrighted by Auto Futures and a point of 'inspiration or context' for visitors, not for use or download.

Auto Futures has a global team of journalists in Germany, USA, Singapore and UK, writing stories, features, news, interviews and profiles on start-ups, entrepreneurs and emerging markets.

Initially launched as a 'B2J' website — business to journalists — Smith said the site might look to roll out their content in the future, but for now Auto Futures aims to bring the best of both worlds in reporting curated content, and ready-to-use branded content.

“If we can make life a little bit easier, so journalists can get all these assets in one place, then that is part of our ambition.”

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