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News organisations ultimately seek to produce journalism which goes beyond the pages of their publication. One way this is possible is through purpose campaigns.

Rooted in research, these campaigns carry out surveys, focus groups and sentiment analysis into the challenges facing their readers. That is then the springboard for editorial output and a multi-platform effort involving commercial partners and influencers to provide practical solutions to these problems.

Women's Health is one of the leading publications owned by Hearst. As a print and online lifestyle publication aimed at women, its core mission is to empower women. Since 2018, Women’s Health has led the way, and been part of, many Hearst-wide purpose campaigns including In Shape My Shape, Project Body Love and It Starts With A Bra.

In this week's podcast, we speak to Women's Health UK's editor-in-chief Claire Sanderson about the inner-workings of their most successful campaign which has resulted in positive change amongst their readership. We pore over the role of partners and editorial teams in making these campaigns come to life.

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