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Whether it is the stories we write, the guests we invite onto our shows, or the people we are giving the platform to, newsrooms should set high standards. 

When we get that wrong, misogyny gets unchallenged or, worse, encouraged. This was the case with actor Laurence Fox who belittled journalist Ava Evans on air last week on GB News, and the show host Dan Wootton failed to challenge the comments.

Diversity is both the solution and a business imperative, says this podcast guest guest Luba Kassova, independent audience strategy consultant, and the author of the report From Outrage to Opportunity: the Missing Perspectives of Women in News.

Her research has shown that women who push for better reporting standards face an uphill battle and often leave the industry due to burnout and demoralisation. It is even worse for women of colour.

Tune in to find out how to meaningfully improve the way women are reported on and empowered in the newsroom.

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